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10 huge Neighbours spoilers for next week

On next week’s episode of Neighbours, Toadie must make a decision, the Lassiters employees go on strike over Harlow, and Evelyn discovers what Levi has been up to with Amy and Ned.

Here are ten spoilers for next week’s episode of Neighbours.

  1. Toadie must make a decision

Toadie’s life has been more difficult than usual recently, with both Melanie and Rose in his circle, and neither of them getting along – to the point that Melanie is now in the hospital.

Toadie and Rose are obliged to spend more time together in order to preserve the film festival, but this quickly leads to a heated moment and a kiss.

Toadie is instantly consumed with remorse and realises that he must tell Melanie the truth, but is it Melanie that he truly desires? It’s time to make a choice.

  1. Paul has to deal with the ramifications of nepotism

Next week, Harlow’s new job at Lassiters continues to generate issues, with Paul receiving opposition from his coworkers for what they believe to be nepotism. Chloe is still agitated about it since she believes she is being driven out, so she sets up a meeting with HR to address it, and they unanimously agree that Harlow should not have been employed.

However, Paul refuses to accept his error and stands by his granddaughter, prompting the whole Lassiters workforce to walk out and strike. Paul’s newest strategy appears to have backfired spectacularly.

  1. Terese makes an unintentional gaffe

Apart from Jesse, the Lassiters’ crew is on strike, so friends and family are urged to pitch in to help get the hotel through the day. While they just about manage to get things done, Paul is forced to accept Harlow’s job offer.

Meanwhile, Terese and Jesse are still close, and she appreciates his willingness to assist when the rest of the crew left. However, things get quite awkward for the couple when she inadvertently names him Josh.

  1. Jane and Chloe form an emotional relationship over Nicolette

Jane continues to feel the weight of not having her family around, and she finds a shoulder to depend on in Chloe. With Nicolette still missing and obviously having no intentions to return to Ramsay Street, Jane continues to feel the weight of not having her family around.

When Nic receives a ring that was meant for Chloe in the mail, they realise they have something in common. Their shared grief draws them closer together, and the two decide that the ring should be kept in Isla’s room so she may remember her mother.

  1. David presses Paul for information

David is growing sceptical of Paul and his financial position, which further grows once he learns that his father has approached Leo for a loan. Paul’s request for him to keep quiet piques David’s interest even more, and he embarks on a quest to discover the truth about where Paul’s money has gone.

Paul is attempting to sell important assets, and David quickly discovers that things are worse than he anticipated. Can Paul admit to bribing Nicolette to stay away when David demands the truth, and will his family ever forgive him if they learn the truth?

  1. Harlow’s situation with Chloe becomes more serious

Harlow has returned to Lassiters as a housekeeper, and her fall from favour does not sit well with her. Rather than focusing on her university studies, she chooses to fight for her job back — and Chloe appears to be next in line.

When Chloe asserts her authority over Harlow, she doesn’t take it well and believes she is the reason she was demoted – despite the fact that she has very little experience. Will Harlow go to any lengths to achieve her goals? After all, she is a Robinson…

  1. Terese is concerned about Jesse

While they immediately brush it under the carpet and go on when Terese calls Jesse by his deceased son’s name, Terese’s involvement in Jesse is plainly an issue, and Paul feels compelled to speak out.

Terese, on the other hand, is certain that she is only assisting someone who is in need. How long until Terese realises that she is investing so much in Jesse to distract herself from her sadness over Josh’s death?

  1. Evelyn makes a breakthrough

When Evelyn showed up on Ramsay Street, Levi immediately put a halt to his poly relationship with Amy and Ned, knowing that his mother would not approve – but that doesn’t stop her from finding out the truth, and she is just as surprised as he expected.

While he suspects Sheila of spilling the beans, he recognises that he will have to explain himself and hopes that she will be able to view things from his perspective. Will Evelyn, on the other hand, be willing to listen?

  1. Is Toadie and Melanie’s relationship over?

When Toadie tells Melanie about his encounter with Rose, she is taken aback, and he realises he may be about to lose her. Melanie resolves to keep her distance, but Rose believes the contrary and tries everything she can to capture Toadie’s heart while he and Mel are apart.

While Toadie remains hopeful that he and Melanie would be able to work things out, his optimism is crushed when he sees her with her ex-boyfriend, Justin Buke. Is this really the conclusion of Toadie and Melanie’s storey?

  1. Amy makes a risky move

With Evelyn now fully aware of her son’s polyamorous relationship, Amy resolves to seize the bull by the horns and try to resolve the problem on her own.

Amy shows up to meet Evelyn in the hopes of explaining what they’re all up to, hoping that an honest heart-to-heart will help her to view things in a new light. Will Amy’s strategy succeed, and will Levi stay with her if his mother continues to object?

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