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Thursday, June 30, 2022

    11 huge Neighbours spoilers for next week

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    Wedding bells are ringing in Erinsborough, but the day is set to end tragically, as it has in the past. In a dramatic week of Neighbours, who will die?

    Here are 11 spoilers for next week’s episode of Neighbours.

    1. Is the wedding going to happen?

    Kyle and Roxy have been dealing with one issue after another as they prepare to walk down the aisle, and Roxy has finally given up on the notion.

    Kyle, on the other hand, is desperate not to let her down, and he goes to great lengths to make the day unique – as well as persuade his bride-to-be to go ahead with it. Will Kyle be able to persuade Roxy to change her mind as the weather worsens?

    2. Glen and Gemma rekindle their friendship

    Terese and Glen are finding it increasingly difficult to live together as their feelings for each other grow. Glen turns his attention to his recently returned ex, Gemma, knowing that he needs a distraction, and the two enjoy catching up and reconnecting.

    Terese, on the other hand, notices that her envy grows quickly when she sees them together, but will she say anything?

    3. Kyle and Roxy exchange marriage

    Roxy has agreed that their wedding day is important enough to fight for. The wedding begins after she and Kyle finish the last-minute preparations. Kyle and Roxy’s friends and family arrive to watch and celebrate their new status as husband and wife.

    Unfortunately, the brewing storm strikes and unleashes its fury on the citizens of Erinsborough as they are all enjoying what should be a happy day.

    4. Erinsborough is battered by a major storm

    The terrible storm arrives with greater power than everyone had anticipated, and the wedding quickly devolves into a chaotic race for safety. The Flamingo Bar is the closest spot to them all, and they all huddle inside, trying to keep safe and ride out the storm.

    Things quickly deteriorate beyond anyone’s expectations, and the pub proves to be far from the safe haven they had hoped for. Someone will not make it out of the bar alive if calamity strikes.

    5. Terese opens up about her affections for Glen

    Terese has been attempting to contain her growing feelings for Glen, but she is unable to do so when she becomes envious of him with Sharon during the wedding.

    Terese confesses her love for him to Susan, but she realises she must suppress them and instead finds herself by Paul’s side.

    This irritates Glen, who feels the same way for her and believes he has missed his chance with her. Will Glen express his feelings to Terese?

    6. Who was killed in the massive storm?

    We skip ahead seven days after the hurricane and find the residents of Ramsay Street in a sombre mood as they try to pick up the pieces.

    The Flamingo Bar is almost completely destroyed, the vineyard has suffered significant damage, and one person has died as a result of the accident. But who is the unfortunate victim, and will the residents of Ramsay Street be able to assist their grieving loved ones?

    7. Will Glen’s attitude change as a result of Paul’s condition?

    Paul is one of the lucky ones who made it through the storm, and his near-death experience convinces Glen that it’s time to put the past behind them.

    But there is still a lot of animosity between them, and Terese’s edition promises to be one of the many reasons they won’t be able to start again. Is this the beginning of a new connection between the two brothers, or will their long-running animosity resurface?

    8. Terese is troubled by her guilt

    Terese is battling with her guilt as a result of the dramatic events that have caused so much commotion, and she finds herself unable to get through the memorial service. Chloe notices something is wrong right away and follows her to see if she can help.

    Terese is not in a good place because she believes she caused the accident, so she decides to stay with Paul while he recovers. Is she, though, making a major blunder?

    9. Levi had a strange experience

    Levi’s curiosity is heightened when he notices a woman loitering around the ruins of The Flamingo Bar, and he becomes even more concerned when she makes a hasty getaway when she notices him. He pursues her and becomes even more perplexed as to what she desires.

    She looks to be trying to gather as much information about him as she can as the week progresses, something Sheila does not assist her with. What does this stranger want with Levi, and who is she?

    10. Are Terese and Paul on the verge of reuniting?

    Terese and Paul are drawn to each other again now that Terese is living with Paul and is trying to help him heal. They also share a similar resentment of Glen after learning how he misled them, which helps to bring them closer together.

    Are these two on the verge of getting back together as they reconnect, or will there be more hurdles on the way to a reunion?

    11. Ramsay Street comes together to repair the vineyard

    The vineyard is one of the many areas that has been devastated by the storm, and Leo’s business could be ruined as a result. Kyle urges Leo’s friends and family to come together and repair the damage themselves, determined that this would not happen.

    When Leo sees what they’ve accomplished, he’s ecstatic and eager to ensure that positive karma comes their way as well.

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