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14 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week

Next week on Home and AwayTane gets more than he bargained for when he meets a new love interest.

Elsewhere, Nikau leaves Bella devastated again, while Jasmine starts to doubt Cash’s loyalty.

Here’s a full collection of 14 big moments coming up.

Justin confronts an intruder

When Justin gets a security alert about a possible burglar at the garage, he becomes concerned. When he arrives to investigate, he equips himself with a nearby tool, only to be surprised to find John poking around.

Cash, a new cop, arrives on the scene to assist, but immediately realizes that the alarm was a hoax. He’s enraged to find himself in the middle of a minor squabble, as Justin chastises John for interfering with the company’s affairs.

The incident occurs as a result of John’s decision to purchase the garage, ensuring Justin’s continued occupancy. Unfortunately, early indications suggest John is going too far, so it’s unclear whether this new arrangement will work out.

John refuses to let go of the garage

The money Susie stole from Justin and Leah is finally being returned to them by the police, which Justin and Leah are overjoyed about. Instead of relying on John, the couple celebrates by purchasing the garage themselves.

The news irritates John, especially since he made several bold ideas for the company’s future.

John refuses to back down and instead advises Justin and Leah to utilize their money to put down a deposit on a home.

Jasmine accuses Cash of playing games

Jasmine enjoyed her first date with Cash, but she’s disappointed that he hasn’t contacted her since then. Jasmine rants to Irene before calling Cash and accusing him of ghosting her in a voicemail.

Jasmine expresses her dissatisfaction with being toyed with and announces that she will no longer be associated with Cash.

Cash then informs Jasmine that he doesn’t have her phone number, which makes her embarrassed. He also claims to have respected her boundaries after she only agreed to go on one date with him.

Jasmine fears Cash has another woman in his life

Cash is inundated with calls and texts from a lady named Felicity when he finally settles down for a second date with Jasmine. When Jasmine sees Felicity’s name on Cash’s phone screen, she becomes concerned that he is seeing someone else.

Cash abruptly ends the date and sets out to find Felicity after receiving one too many messages. Jasmine’s suspicions of a love rival are, fortunately, baseless.

Cash’s sister, Felicity, is first seen rowing with their neighbors at the house they now share. The siblings make plans to relocate to the trailer park after Felicity informs them that they are being evicted.

Cash reveals all to Jasmine

Cash runs into Jasmine and apologizes for disappointing her previously. Cash explains to Jasmine that Felicity is his sister, not a girlfriend or a secret wife, and she is relieved.

Cash confides in Jasmine about his past problems with Felicity. He reveals that Felicity has a history of erratic behavior, which is affected in part by their parents’ terrible death when they were children.

Tane spends the night with Felicity

Following his breakup from Ziggy, Tane goes out partying to let off steam. By chance, he catches Felicity’s eye, and the two fall in love right away as they drink and dance their way through the night.

Tane has no idea that Felicity is related to Cash, the officer with whom he’s had a tense relationship in recent weeks.

Tane returns to Felicity’s apartment after a fun evening and spends the night with her.

Tane is shocked by Felicity’s family connection

Tane tries to sneak out of Felicity’s room the next morning, only to run into Cash, who is dressed in a full police uniform. Felicity presents the men to one another, oblivious to the fact that they have previously met.

Tane then tells Ari about the scenario and admits that sleeping with Felicity may not have been the best decision because of his long-standing hate for cops.

Chloe and Ryder deceive Irene and Marilyn

Chloe is working hard to resurrect her and Ryder’s food company. This time, she decides that instead of using a truck, they can deliver the meal directly to people’s doors.

Because they require an industrial kitchen to prepare the dishes, Chloe deceives Ryder by pretending that Irene has granted them after-hours access to the Diner’s facilities.

Chloe and Ryder are able to get their business back on track by working till the wee hours of the morning on successive days. When Chloe confesses to using the Diner’s kitchen without authorization, Ryder is taken aback.

Nikau blames himself for Mia’s loss

Christian expresses anxiety over Nikau’s distant mood when he is released from the hospital. Everyone expects Nikau’s situation to improve once he’s back in familiar territory, but being around Mia just makes matters worse.

Nikau tells Mia that he is to blame for her miscarriage since she would not have been involved in the automobile accident if he hadn’t been acting so strangely. Mia explains that Nikau was not to blame and those horrible things happen to good people, but Nikau continues to berate himself and sobs in Mia’s arms.

Nikau rejects Bella again

As he visits Bella and encourages her to quit contacting him, Nikau continues on his dangerous path. Even though Bella is eager to forgive him for infidelity, he says that he no longer loves her and does not want them to get back together.

When Ari notices Nikau’s behavior, he tries to interfere, but his troubled nephew loses his cool and demands to be left alone.

Bella returns to visit Nikau and accepts his decision after receiving some counsel from Mackenzie. She does, however, warn Nikau that he is about to lose the best thing that has ever happened to him, leaving him shaken as the truth of the situation dawns on him.

Tori and Christian receive news about their wedding

Tori and Christian are eager to get back on track with their wedding arrangements. When Tori contacts her brother Brody to see if they can reschedule, he explains that Simone is 12 weeks pregnant and that he wants to focus on her.

Tori is happy for her brother, but she realizes she’ll have to rethink her plans. Tori and Christian are immediately enthralled by the prospect of starting over.

Mackenzie pushes Logan away

When they meet along the shore, Mackenzie flirts with Logan. She tries to get to know the new doctor in town, but he refuses to talk about his past or his experience in Afghanistan.

Regardless, Logan expresses an interest in learning more about Mac and invites her out for a drink. Mac declines, much to everyone’s surprise because she isn’t ready for a new relationship at this time.

Dean becomes stubborn over his recovery

Following the vehicle accident, Dean’s rehabilitation will begin soon. Dean is apprehensive about the long road to rehabilitation ahead of him, having been in a serious accident before and knowing what to expect.

Dean dismisses Ziggy from the hospital, infuriating her by his desire to remove her. When Ziggy returns just in time to observe Dean struggle to follow the physio’s directions, he yells at her and demands her to leave – before kicking out the physio as well.

Alf struggles with Martha’s new project

Martha is still working on a mental health-themed art fundraiser. Alf is encouraging, but he is concerned that Martha is jeopardizing her mental health by pushing herself too far.

Alf’s underlying fear is that he isn’t spending enough time with his wife. When Martha wishes to travel to Merimbula for a meeting with another artist, Alf refuses to accompany her.

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