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5 huge EastEnders spoilers for next week.

Next week’s EastEnders episodes will see Sharon facing her hardest day, Phil returns, and Dotty manages to turn Ian’s life into misery. There’s even a new romance, big moves, and a declaration of love in the mix.

Sharon bans the Mitchells from Dennis’s funeral

Sharon will face the hardest day of her life next week when her teenage son Dennis is laid to rest. On the morning of Dennis ‘ funeral, Jay appears with flowers from Ben and Lola, only to inform Sharon that no Mitchell is welcome at the burial.
Sharon has been supported by Ian, a guilty man, during the stressful day, but tensions are increasing as Ben appears defiantly in the wake. But it will quickly become the least of Sharon’s worries.

Phil makes a shock decision

Upset after his argument with Sharon, Phil drinks a beer for Jay’s concern.
Since hiding from the police, Phil goes to The Arches, where Sharon is approached again.
After taking matters into his own hands, Phil knows what he needs to do, and then shocks Ian by revealing his next steps.

Ian plays Dotty at her own game

When Dotty continues to press him to come clean, Ian will see a chance to play her at her own game. When Dotty manages to rob a stranger’s wallet badly backfires, she makes the stupid mistake of leaving her things in Ian’s clutches. Grabbing his opportunity, Ian swipes the Arches keys out of her bag and heads in there to smash the phone. But unsurprisingly, Dotty’s not going down without a fight.

Ben declares his love for Callum

Ballum fans will get the moment they’ve been waiting for Ben to get hold of his feelings finally. While Callum helps Ben after all that has happened, he also urges him to face up to the truth of his situation. Seeing Callum’s devotion, Ben says he’s in love with him.

Dotty threatens Ian again

Furious upon learning what Ian has done, Dotty lifts the ante for her schema and shows her next move. When Ian continues to trust in the misguided knowledge that he now has the upper hand, as Dotty becomes ever more threatening and threatens him again, he is left reeling. Is the game up?


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