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7 huge Home and Away questions after this week’s Australian episodes

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Home and Away has aired a supersized week of six episodes in Australia, including big new twists and turns in the Ross Nixon murder plot and a severe mission for Justin Morgan.

Here are seven big questions we’ve been left with after the new shows.

Are Colby’s secrets under threat?

Once again, Colby is at the forefront of tremendous conflicts in Summer Bay, as the murder cover-up of Ross appears to have a catastrophic effect on those nearest to him.

This week, after telling her the truth about Ross, Dean was dumped by Ziggy. Meanwhile, in order to keep track of the murder investigation, Bella firmly disapproved of Colby’s intention to pursue an affair with Angelo’s wife, Taylor.

The news that Colby took a life terrified Ziggy, while Nikau was still disgusted when Bella told him about Bella.

While most friends and family of Colby have their own reasons for wanting to remain buried in the truth, is it only a matter of time before someone slips up as the tensions rise? We’re not sure that fans will be too devastated if he gets carted away in handcuffs sometime soon, with the way Colby has been behaving recently!

Is Justin’s health troubles really over?

This week, Justin went in for surgery to remove his tumor. The operation was more complicated than expected, and as Justin’s next of kin, Tori was called in to make a big decision.

Tori advised the hospital staff to end the operation early rather than proceed since part of the tumor was connected to Justin’s spinal cord, creating a risk of paralysis if it was removed.

Everyone was pleased that he still had mobility in his legs until Justin regained consciousness and seemed set to make a full recovery. No follow-up scenes referred to the discovery that Justin’s tumor was not completely eliminated, so will the split-second judgment of Tori have potential implications in the operating theatre?

Has Tori found love again?

After he performed the procedure on Justin, Tori found an unusual way to thank smug surgeon Christian Green. Tori found herself trapped at the moment, after days of chemistry between the couple, and shared a kiss with Christian in a lift.

For a while now, Tori has been single as she concentrated on baby Grace and the rest of her family, but should she have found a new Mr. Right? The relation between them should definitely be a fascinating one to observe, with Christian’s confidence and cockiness.

Are Ziggy and Dean over for good?

Ziggy and Dean are one of the most famous couples in Summer Bay, but this week they hit the rocks in a sad scene. When Dean wanted to avoid lying to Ziggy and tell her the truth about the murder of Ross, she couldn’t accept his role in the saga and put an end to things between them.

Dean replied in the true style of River Boy, getting wasted and wanting to go with Amber on the rebound, who refused to be second best and dismissed him.

Willow, who came to grips with Colby’s killer secret months before, was optimistic that if she had time to think about it, Ziggy would see it differently. But might it have been wishful thinking?

Is John lonely?

As he continues to make great strides on his rehabilitation and has begun back at work again, John’s life is going back to normal. The only thing is that after separating from Marilyn, he really appears to be at a loose end.

As John kept searching for reasons to have clients, Alf got infuriated, so much so that he ended up proposing that John go to stay in the city for a while with Jett. So what’s next for John and his private life until he gets back to the Bay? Will he, in the long term, pursue a new love interest?

Will Roo and Owen finally become a couple?

The “will they / will not they” saga begins between Roo and Owen. In her life, Roo obviously has emotions for the new guy but worries that dating Evan’s identical twin will be too difficult.

The prospect of a marriage between his aunt and uncle seems to excite Ryder, but Roo seems pessimistic about her prospects of truly finding love again. Is it time for Owen to throw caution to the wind and make things go, or is the scenario far too complicated?

Could Angelo grow suspicious over the affair?

Angelo tends to be more clued-up than anyone, by the criteria of the soap police. He’s also well aware, even though he can’t prove it yet, that Colby and co appear to hold dark secrets about Ross’s grisly death.

Might Angelo now begin to know that Colby is secretly seducing his wife Taylor with this in mind? The drunken remark by Dean that hinted at the affair was far from discreet, though Angelo still holds a very close eye on Colby. The scene seems set for, sooner or later, a big discovery and showdown

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