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8 huge EastEnders spoilers for next week.

Next week on EastEnders, Gray and Whitney make a significant discovery about Leo, Callum is left distraught over Ben, and Sharon makes a heartbreaking decision.
1. Gray vows to uncover the truth

Refusing to go down without a contest, Gray is more eager than ever to find the evidence he wants for next week's incrimination against Leo.
As Gray is desperately looking for answers when he makes an exciting find, he hits the jackpot. So everything could change.

2. Whitney makes a horrifying discovery

He soon relays his surprising discovery to Whitney, who is left shocked at what she learns, leaving Gray becoming more positive.
Yet as Whitney reels with what she has figured out, Gray tells her that at the end of the week, this could eventually work in her favor and promises to clear her name in the bail appeal. What will be the result?

3. Danny threatens Callum

When Danny hears of Callum's involvement with the police, he makes his emotions clear and threatens him. Ben is pressured by the aggressive actions of Danny to come clean of his hearing, but he is angry with Callum, and his sorrows will quickly drown.
4. Ben makes some big mistakes

Following his run-in with Callum, Ben goes to The Albert and gets to talk with a guy named Hugo-and is up to no good soon.
Ben's violent actions continue as the pair becomes friendly as he steals Hugo's car and speeds off. Sadly for Ben, the police catch up with him quickly and end up getting arrested. Oh, Dear. Dear oh god.

5. Gray tries to make amends with Chantelle

As Chantelle recovers from the recent outburst of Gray, she's keen to hide the extent of the latest injuries that he's caused.
However, Gray is mortified after realizing how badly Chantelle is hurt and promises it will never happen again. Yet Chantelle remains cold–and unconvinced.

6. Ian hatches a plan

Already concerned about Sharon after her aforementioned decision, as she goes out of her way to thank him for his support Ian is wracked with guilt.
As Ian keeps keeping his guilty secret about the death of Dennis, he has a scheme to solve the situation, but what is it? So it'll pay off?

7. Isaac starts a new job

Next week Isaac starts his new role at Walford primary as a teacher, but not everybody is happy. When Isaac enters a drinking match with Max the night of his first day, Jack is unimpressed–mainly when his young daughter Amy goes to school when Isaac heads to work hungover, Jack doesn't see the bright side and doesn't share the enthusiasm of Amy for the new teacher.
8. Linda faces another setback

Next week, Linda appears to make progress with her rehab from alcohol addiction, but a tense run-in with fellow school mum Shelley threatens to set her back. Linda apologizes for her recent conduct, after finding Shelley at the school gates but is left stung when her old nemesis retaliates by revealing those home truths.As Shelley appears at The Vic, Linda is left unsettled more, asking new teacher Isaac of her drinking problem. But it is Shelley who ends up humiliated as Linda fights back.

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