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9 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week

Following their recent tragedy, Ari and Mia’s friendship will be tested next week on Home and Away.

In other news, Bella suffers the brunt of Tane’s grief over Ziggy, while Ziggy is ready to move on.

Here’s a complete list of the 9 major events coming up.

  1. Cash and Jasmine are finally getting along

Cash is still fascinated with Jasmine and encourages her to join him in touch football practise. When Cash guilt trips Jasmine into participating, he explains that if she doesn’t attend, he’ll have to cancel due to a shortage of numbers.

Jasmine offers Cash her entire attention as he looks to injure his ankle during the training. She is furious when she discovers that he pretended to be injured in order to get closer to her.

Despite yet another setback for the possible romance, Jasmine decides to go on one date with Cash after learning that he put up the touch football project only to impress her.

  1. Bella attempts to assist Martha in every way she can

Martha has the brilliant idea of putting on an exhibition including a collection of artworks with a mental health theme. She contemplates enlisting the help of local photographer Bella, who has dealt with mental health difficulties herself.

Bella, on the other hand, declines the opportunity when Martha and Ryder approach her. She adds that she’s taking a vacation from photography as a result of her breakup with Nikau, the subject of the majority of her photographs.

Bella apologises for not being able to participate and offers to donate one of her old photographs, as well as assisting Martha in finding a gallery to hold the event.

  1. Justin learns who purchased the garage

Justin learns that the garage has been purchased. He thinks that this would force him to relocate his company, but when John announces that he is the new owner, everyone is shocked.

Given their shared role in the recent Susie incident, John adds that he was motivated to assist Justin and Leah in some manner. He promises not to get involved in the day-to-day operations of the company so Justin may maintain his independence, but is this a promise he can keep?

When Justin gets a call about a possible break-in at the garage, he gets into even more difficulty.

  1. Ari has to deal with Mia’s rage

Mia gets released from the hospital and returns home. Despite her willingness to accept help from Tane and Chloe, she is visibly chilly towards Ari and avoids any chance of being alone with him.

Mia is also taken aback when she notices that her pregnancy photo has vanished from the refrigerator. She lashes out at Ari, accusing him of trying to forget about the baby after her loss.

Ari swiftly clarifies the situation by explaining that the photo was merely placed in their existing memory box for their son Kauri, who died shortly after his birth a few years ago.

  1. Tane becomes irritated at Bella

Tane tells Mackenzie that he thinks he made a mistake by breaking up with Ziggy. He contemplates attempting to straighten things out with her, but Mackenzie gently informs him that Ziggy has already moved on and is with Dean in the hospital.

When Tane finds Bella at the hospital visiting Nikau, he takes out his emotions on her. He is perplexed as to why she is there and wrongly blames her for the automobile accident.

  1. Ziggy and Dean succumb to temptation once more

Ziggy eventually tells Dean about her broken relationship with Tane. As Ziggy runs away, Dean is unable to get any further information.

Later, Ziggy returns to the hospital and succumbs to the temptation of kissing Dean. Tane sees it and tells Ziggy that he will never take her back.

  1. Nikau breaks Bella’s heart

Nikau regains consciousness, but finds it difficult to accept all that had gone wrong in his life before to the disaster. He’s even more devastated to find that Mia’s kid died as a consequence of the tragedy.

When Bella subsequently visits Nikau and tells him that she forgives him for cheating on her, he isn’t in the mood to talk about a possible reconciliation. When Nikau lashes out and tells Bella to leave him alone, she is enraged.

  1. Logan has another altercation with Tori

Logan tells Christian that he’s considering staying in the Bay permanently. Christian promises to assist him in getting to know the people, beginning with Tori.

Christian asks Logan to lunch at the Morgan house with him and Tori, despite the fact that they’ve previously met. Things are heated when Logan and Tori meet again, as Tori hasn’t forgiven Logan for criticising her over Dean’s treatment.

Logan tries to make amends by inquiring about Tori’s professional background, but his queries are tinged with arrogance, which exacerbates the issue.

  1. Ari makes a commitment to Mia

Ari gets some advise from Alf, who urges him to keep trying with Mia even though she doesn’t seem to want his help right now.

When Mia confesses that she doesn’t want to try for another baby after so many losses, Ari achieves a breakthrough with her. Mia is concerned that Ari has a different opinion, and she warns that this might spell the end of their relationship.

Ari quickly assures Mia that he just wants her – baby or no baby.

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