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A buried body on Home & Away this week is set to leave fans in shock

A body will be uncovered in special upcoming episodes of Home And Away, sending shockwaves through the area. It’s the phone call he never expected to get for policeman Colby (Tim Franklin), but had been waiting for months.

Colby rescued his little sister Bella (Courtney Miller) and then-fiancée Chelsea (Ashleigh Brewer) from the clutches of his cruel stepfather Ross (Justin Rosniak) earlier this year.
Colby ‘s relentless efforts to escape the reign of terror on his family ended up with Dean (Patrick O’Connor) joining him in a dangerous car chase.
When they got Ross in their sights, Colby’s rage took over, and he shot and killed him in the heat of the moment.
Ross was secretly buried by the former River Boys and, along with Bella, vowed never to think about it again. Secrets, sadly, can not stay buried long …

At a meeting night with former Amber (Maddy Jevic) crew member of River Boys, his sergeant tells Colby that the body of Ross has been identified.
“He’s been dreading the phone call, but he’s swift to cover up his remorse with Bella’s worry. But underneath, his mind has gone overdrive,” Tim, 29, tells TV WEEK.
He cuts short the night and runs in order to pursue Sam, Bella, and Willow (Sarah Roberts). While the foursome attempt to decide what to do next, Bella panics and encourages everyone to flee the city.

Colby realizes this is just attracting attention and pledging to track the police department situation.
“Colby isn’t new to a murder case’s inner workings, and knows fleeing will solidify their remorse,” says Tim. “The closest he is to the case, the more likely he would be to remain one step ahead.
As days fly by, anxiety grows within the group. As the investigation progresses, Dean and Colby split, while Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) can feel something secret from her partner.
Bella becomes more anxious as the strain increases. Even if she fails, her brother will go to jail. Is this Colby’s beginning of the end?

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Shock reveal! Angelo’s wife cast on Home and Away

He left Summer Bay with love interest Nicole Franklin (Tessa James) and her newborn baby George last time Angelo (Luke Jacobz) was on Home and Away back in 2011.

But over the years, it seems their friendship may have soured.

When Luke, 39, is warming up for his return to Home and Away, his character’s wife’s casting has been announced. Sadly for viewers who hoped Angelo and Nicole shared a happier ending together, Tessa isn’t the actress portraying his new leading lady!

Annabelle Stephenson, who had previously played a recurring role on US drama Revenge, was cast as Angelo ‘s wife Taylor Rosetta over the weekend The Daily Telegraph reported.

Annabelle, 32, talked to the newspaper sharing her favorite part of working Down Under.

“It is the essence of the Aussie, it is so accommodating,” she added. “There is a giant manufacturing business [in America] and there is also a hierarchy behind it. You are just coming in, doing your work and heading out.

Last week, in a recent commercial-nine years since the character left-Channel Seven dropped the first look at the much awaited return of the star.

Detective Angelo is back in town in the tense teaser to investigate Bella’s friend, Ross Nixon (Justin Rosniak),’ murder.

Of course, viewers of the series know that after Ross abducted Bella (Courtney Miller), Willow (Sarah Roberts), and Chelsea (Ashleigh Brewer), Colby (Tim Franklin) was responsible for murdering Ross.

While he had the chance to arrest Ross, then Colby decided to shoot him dead in retaliation-and then Dean (Patrick O’Connor) helped him bury the body.

Currently, the rotting body seems to have been identified, with Angelo calling in for examination.

“I never thought it would be my homecoming to solve a crime,” Angelo says in his first impression of his return.

Luke played Angelo from 2008 to 2011 during his first stint on Home and Away, before going back to Hollywood to try his luck.

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