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A new Home and Away 2022 trailer has dropped and next year’s drama will not disappoint: Here’s everything we know so far

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Every year, Home and Away ramps up the drama, romances, and bombshells, and based on the teasers we’ve seen so far, the 2022 season will not disappoint.

Fans have been treated to a suspenseful trailer that teases what we might expect from our Summer Bay favorites in the next year.

Things appear to be picking up just where they left off in November’s finale, which saw Ryder buried alive in a coffin, Felicity and Tane pack their belongings and go on a road trip, Ari proposes to Mia, and Mia, Chloe, and Matthew get into a heated disagreement.

Tane and Felicity’s burgeoning romance appears to be heating up in the trailer, with the couple enjoying a romantic retreat.

Felicity dances with her headphones on while camping with Tane, who is clearly smitten, before the former bartender realizes he’s standing right next to her.

“So this is how you dance when you think no one’s watching?” Tane asked her with a flirty smile, prompting Felicity to cheekily giggle.

The pair later shares a tender moment, with Tane telling Felicity: “I want you with me,” prompting her to respond: “Well that’s where I’ll be.” Aww!

Ethan Browne, who plays Tane, told TV WEEK that viewers can expect to see his character’s “caring and nurturing side” next year.

“He joins Flick on a small getaway adventure to help her through the trauma surrounding her father’s passing, and during their time they solidify their bond and become closer as a couple,” he revealed to us, adding that the pair are a match made in heaven.

“He keeps her calm and chills and she brings a lot of high energy to his life, so the polarity between the two works nicely.”

And it appears like love is in the air in Summer Bay, with Mackenzie and Logan’s chemistry at an all-time high.

“You can’t have too much of a good thing!” Logan exclaimed as the two were seen canoodling on the beach. before kissing Mackenzie deeply.

Our other Summer Bay favorites, on the other hand, aren’t having such a good time. Ryder’s predicament on the other side of town is getting increasingly worse. He is still encased in a coffin and appears to be growing increasingly agitated.

Ryder and Theo went deep into the jungle together in the finale to take on their “most epic challenge yet,” which saw Ryder imprisoned in a coffin and trapped underground.

However, Ryder became stuck deep within the dirt when Theo tumbled over and was knocked unconscious, with no sign of aid. He frantically taps on the coffin and fights to breathe in the trailer.

Will he survive this horrible prank gone wrong?

Meanwhile, “the murder that no-one saw coming” saga keeps unraveling. Chloe continues to grapple with killing her father Matthew just weeks after he came to the Bay to meet her.

In the sneak peek, Chloe tells her mother Mia, “I murdered someone, and I have to live with it for the rest of my life.”

Before she and Mia placed Matthew’s body in the trunk of her car, Chloe says in the second trailer that her life “is the outcome of something so horrific.”

Bella then confronts Chloe, boldly asking, “It was you, wasn’t it?” Chloe begged her to keep the murder a secret, and she agreed.

“The only way you can pull this off is if you act normal. That’s all it takes is one stupid mistake,” Bella tells her.

Things aren’t looking good for Mia, who has accepted Ari’s marriage proposal and can be seen driving away from a police officer on the highway before a car chase follows.

The new trailer, which was published today, shows Mia being stopped by many police vehicles before being handcuffed and carried away by policemen while a forensic team investigates her car’s trunk.

A tearful Mia is then seen desperately begging Ari to protect her, to which he responds: “I’ve got you.”

Home and Away will return to Channel Seven in early 2022.

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