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A Trailer released by Eastenders revealed that Linda find herself in a horrifying situation aboard the boat.

The boat party day comes, but there is little reason to celebrate for Mick because he reels that during the previous episode, he signed the divorce papers. Linda's obviously in the party mood, however, as she revels in her separation, but Shirley threatens her moment, and the couple blows over what's happening. Shirley gives an olive branch to Linda — while trying to help her daughter-in-law see that deep down, she likes Mick. But are her comments going to impact anyway?

Meanwhile, the Square residents get into the party mood, but when a drunken Linda sets her sights on Mick in Whitney's company, she leaps to the wrong conclusion and thereby tells the coach to depart without them. During the boat party, Linda starts to drink, and she becomes humiliated once more before long, leaving Mick at a loss as to how to go on. Could she be set to lose her life in a tragic accident of chaos not long ago— and Linda in a poor way in terms of her alcoholism?

Perhaps her anxiety will set in again, and she'll confront Whitney — or Mick over what she feels she's seen that could result in a fight?
Or maybe she'll get drunk too much and fall overboard? A recent trailer showed that Linda finds herself on the boat in a horrific situation, but is she going to die? Or will Mick come on time to help her? Either way, Linda's predicament certainly makes her a possibility with one resident set to lose her life in the tragedy.

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