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A troubled Home and Away heartthrob, an Olympic swimmer, a retired NRL star, and a model: Meet the new cast of SAS Australia as all 17 of the 2022 recruits are confirmed

Channel Seven has revealed the 17 celebrities who will appear in season three of SAS Australia, ranging from an NRL player to a boxer.

On Sunday, the network revealed the full lineup for the military-style competition, which includes a mix of well-known and contentious contestants.

Former NRL player Darius Boyd, model Simone Holtznagel, and Bachelor stars Anna Heinrich and Locky Gilbert are among the 2022 contestants.

They’ll be joined by former Olympic swimmer Geoff Huegill, Olympic diver Melissa Wu, AFL player Barry Hall, Melissa Tkautz of the Real Housewives of Sydney, and convicted cocaine dealer Richard Buttrose.

The evening will also include boxers Ebanie Bridges and Michael Zerafa, comedian Paul Fenech, rugby star Ellia Green, NRLW player Millie Boyle, motorsports broadcaster Riana Crehan, and AFL pundit Wayne Carey.

Orpheus Pledger, the troubled Home and Away heartthrob who was arrested for allegedly possessing methamphetamine in February will also feature on the show.

On Friday, the new cast members participated in a promotional photo session in Sydney, with production set to begin this weekend.

Filming will take place in the NSW Blue Mountains, according to a recent report by TV Tonight.

While the show’s base camp will remain the same as in season two, some of the locales and challenges will be altered.

SAS Australia: Meet the 2022 cast

Anna Heinrich, 34 – Bachelor star

Barry Hall, 44 – AFL star

Darius Boyd, 34 – Retired NRL star

Ebanie Bridges, 35 – Champion boxer

Ellia Green, 28 – Rugby player

Geoff Huegill, 42 – Olympic swimmer

Locky Gilbert, 32 – Bachelor and Survivor star

Melissa Tkautz, 47 – Singer and actor

Melissa Wu, 29 – Olympic diver

Michael Zerafa, 29 – Professional boxer

Millie Boyle, 23 – NRLW player

Orpheus Pledger, 28 – Former Home and Away actor

Paul Fenech, 51 – Comedian

Riana Crehan, 34 – Motorsports presenter

Richard Buttrose, 49 – Convicted drug dealer

Simone Holtznagel, 28 – Model

Wayne Carey, 50 – AFL commentator

The show’s third season will premiere next year, according to Channel Seven.

In March, a casting call asked for ‘ordinary Aussies’ to audition for the demanding series.

‘You’ve seen our #SASAustralia Star Recruits, and now it’s your turn! ‘Do you think you’ve got what it takes to make it through Selection?’ it was written.

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