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All Soap Spoilers That Will Be Aired This Month.

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In the soap world March will be another big month, with cast exits affecting new arrivals – and, of course, Aussie drama Neighbours turning 35. Here is our guide to some of the key stories to be aired over the next few weeks.

1. Bethany waves goodbye (Coronation Street)

It's the end of the era for the Platts when they say their goodbyes to Bethany in emotional scenes, which will be broadcasted on Wednesday, 4 March. Bethany is moving to London to accept a new job, finally putting herself and her future first. Although Daniel has been trying to make plans to join Bethany for the big move, all signs point to her, leaving alone after he behaves erratically by proposing to her… And annoyingly naming her Sinead. After a five-year stint Lucy Fallon, who played Bethany, decided to leave the cobbles.

2. Kush and Whitney in court (EastEnders)

Leo's reign of terror left two favorites facing uncertain futures on Albert Square. Kush is accused of deliberately throwing him off the balcony of Prince Albert, while Whitney faces a murder charge over his horrible death.
On Friday, 6 March, an hour-long episode will see the plot go up a gear, with Kush discussing his plea hearing. Gray encourages him to plead guilty instead, especially since that would benefit Whitney's case too. Was Kush always ready to make the sacrifice?
Whitney also appears in court in the same ep for a bail hearing, where tensions boil over.

3. DI Malone makes his presence felt (Emmerdale)

Former Liverpool 1 star Mark Womack has been appointed by Emmerdale bosses in the role of DI Malone, a corrupt police officer with dark past. On Thursday 5 March he made his first appearance.
Malone arrives in the village as part of the ongoing investigation into the pistol that was used to kill Nate, to question Will. Will knows and concerns Malone already. With the purposes, it quickly revealed to viewers. And with Cain now engaging in the gun drama, surely it's just a matter of time before he too clashes with Malone?
Mark said recently: "Playing the bad guy is always a lot of fun, and Malone falls in that category.

4. Felix Westwood arrives (Hollyoaks)

Ex EastEnders star Richard Blackwood has been casted in the role of Felix Westwood by Hollyoaks management. Felix is the dad of twins Mitchell Deveraux and Toby Faroe, and also a face from the history of Warren Fox.
The first scenes from Felix will screen late in March. Imran Adams, who portrays Mitchell, told Digital Spy specifically: "He's going to be a terrible boy, but I think he's going to be one of the bad boys going down in the history books of the Hollyoaks. He's going to shake things up, and I can't wait to work with him, to be honest."

5. Ali Neeson's exit (Coronation Street)

Ali's latest passion at the barbershop with Maria was the start of the end for his character. Once Gary figures out that something may have happened between Ali and Maria, he turns to his evil ways and has a plan to make Ali pay for Rick's former sidekick Sharon on board. In the end, this sets a plot in motion and leads to Ali leaving our screens.
Reports that James Burrows, who plays Ali, had finished his shooting last month. His final scenes are to air at the beginning of March.

6. Jade's departure (Coronation Street)

In December, the director of Coronation Street, Iain MacLeod, announced that Jade had no plans to stay in the show as a full-time character after the great revelation that she was the daughter of John Stape. Her final scenes will be broadcast at the beginning of March.
We've recently revealed that Jade is going to make a play on Tyrone in the next storyline to get the wrong idea as he gives her some love. Could this be the final straw as far as the tolerance of Tyrone and Fiz is concerned?

7. A Ramsay Street milestone (Neighbours)

Neighbours go supersized in the week starting Monday, 16 March, for its 35th-anniversary party. As well as airing in the regular afternoon hours at 1.45 pm and 5.30 pm, viewers will look forward to five additional episodes starting at 10 pm later that night.
Early episodes are going to have a nostalgic feel as five famous Ramsay Street couples tie the knot. The 10 pm version will see the wrong Finn Kelly wreak havoc on a remote island during Elly's birthday celebrations. Three characters are not going to survive the week.

8. Suki's lies come under threat (EastEnders)

In recent weeks, EastEnders newcomer Suki has left viewers disappointed by lying about having cancer to manipulate own family. Luckily, if she pushes her luck too far, the tables may be about to turn against her.
Jean is less disturbed after Daniel's death and begins to understand that Suki's statements about her condition are not adding up. Jean makes it her mission to find out what's going on really, and it's not long before Shirley gets roped into the mess too. Is Suki's Game Up?

9. Juliet's drug dealing (Hollyoaks)

Newcomer Jordan was trying to charm Juliet's drug deals with him as part of Hollyoak's recent new County Lines story. However, as seen in the latest Leap Year trailer of the show in the coming episodes, Jordan will turn nastier and continue to raise the ante.
Juliet is told to start dealing in other schools because Jordan is trying to expand its illegal operations. Will James get his little sister out of jail when she is arrested?

10. Luke and Victoria face some big decisions (Emmerdale)

Luke and Victoria's relationship faces a significant hurdle later in the month, trying to get things to the next level. For Victoria still disturbed by her rape experience for Luke's brother Lee, she recalled the incident and tried to cope with it.
Luke is stunned as Victoria pushes him back, which could leave him at a crisis point. Would they agree that this relationship just wasn't meant to be, or can they find a way through it?

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