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Sunday, August 14, 2022

    An ode to Mark Furze, AKA Ric Dalby from Home & Away – because our former teenage selves deserve this

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    If you attended high school during the raging noughts, you would no question be familiar with the Aussie teen idol sensation known as Mark Furze.

    Okay, so he didn’t have the reputation of a teenage Heath Ledger or Chris Hemsworth, but as soon as Mark Furze hit the screens as the lovely, slightly confused teen Ric Dalby on Home and Away, it’s enough to claim that our hearts were taken.

    From his dark brown locks, his boyish smile, and the famous sideburns, if you didn’t have his poster placed proudly on your wall, you were sure to keep him on-screen every night as he stumbled and triumphed across Summer Bay.

    And while the 33-year-old plays it a little low key these days after seeking a music career and marrying his long-time love Laural Barrett in 2015, there is no doubt that Furze stays relevant in our hearts forever.

    Start scrolling when we look back at the show’s very best moments with Ric.


    Like all soaps, Ric’s life and love of his talented cast were at the forefront and the middle, and there were lots of loves. After entering stage left at Summer Bay High in 2004 as the newcomer troublemaker, Ric soon strikes up a relationship with fellow local Cassie.


    The pair was never lacking a disagreement, but what young soapie couple wasn’t there back then?


    Things got a bit, er, tense when Belle realized that Ric was fantasizing herself and wedging between them. It worked well, and we all can honestly say that we were devastated to see the end of Cassie’s golden era of Ric.


    Oh yeah, Ric was mixed up in all kinds of trouble over the years-he’d had a really bad tempter to thank for it.


    But Ric’s character continued to show a little change as he gradually lowered his teenage anxiety and decided to become a ‘normal guy.’


    Ric had a stint at the nearby garage after done with Summer Bay, where his patience was challenged more than a few times.


    It was Ric’s biggest love interest Mattie that pushed him across the edge, rather than anything else. Despite their ups and downs, she did pull out the best of him.


    Summer Bay eventually left the couple behind, returning to Perth to enjoy their life ever after.

    9 / 10

    His sideburns? We envisage them remaining alive today and, in reality, very well-whether Mattie was a fan or not.


    But Mark is rocking a very new look in real life. Seen here with his partner Laurel Barret in 2018, there’s always no doubt that he’s a looker.

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