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Annabelle Stephenson Home and Away’s cast spills on her racy love scenes

Ask any actor about filming love scenes and they may well reveal they’re more awkward than sexy.

But when the cameras stop rolling for Home and Away’s newest cast member Annabelle Stephenson, whose married alter-ego Taylor Rosetta has embarked on a torrid affair with Colby (Tim Franklin), one thing is sure. There will always be plenty of laughs.

“I’ve known Tim since he was about three, so literally our whole lives,” says London-born and Gold Coast-raised Annabelle. She continued: “Our families are super close and we grew up together. “Tim has made me feel so comfortable from the beginning.

I’ve grown up kind of like an older sister to Tim (who is 29), so to come on set and work with him has been so much fun. “To keep a straight face between the two of us can be difficult!”

she said. It’s also true that the NIDA graduate has formed a fast friendship with Luke Jacobz, who plays her unsuspecting husband, Angelo.

“The greatest is Luke! “She’s exclaiming. We quickly hit it off and now we’re the best of friends. On stage, my favourite thing is to make him laugh because it’s so fast! I have a rare ability to just look at him in a certain way and he’s going to burst out laughing!

The plots are so extreme and dramatic, so we try to find the light in it, plus we’re a bunch of kooky actors!

Obviously, Annabelle, 32, wasted no time settling into life in the Harbor.

She says, “Home and Away is such a well-oiled machine.” “You have to get the job done, be as ready as you can and bring your A-game with you.”

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