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Thursday, June 30, 2022

    As serial killer Meena Jutla eludes police pursuit, Emmerdale fans are all asking the same perplexing issue.

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    EMMERDALE fans are furious after Meena Jutla escaped justice by fleeing to Scotland – and are all asking the same question.

    The serial killer, played by actress Paige Sandhu in the ITV soap, was caught red-handed tonight as her victims Manpreet and Vinny were saved from her murderous plot.

    She did, however, manage to flee in a dramatic sequence in which Manpreet was hit by a car.

    In tonight’s episode, Liam took Billy’s place at the barn to confront Meena.

    She attempted to deceive him and persuade him to overlook the makeshift gas chamber behind her.

    Rather than falling for her falsehoods, Liam seemed to be interested and followed Meena into the barn.

    When she turned to face Liam, she was startled, and he swiftly knocked her out with a heavy piece of wood.

    Liam was devastated when he realized the full scope of Meena’s atrocities after rescuing Manpreet and Vinny.

    Manpreet told him, “She killed Ben and Andrea,” before breaking the news about his own daughter’s death.

    “I’m so sorry, Liam,” she continued, “she killed Leanna.”

    “Meena pushed Leanna off the bridge because she was on her tail. “She admitted it.”

    Liam rushed to the barn to deal with Meena but discovered she had vanished.

    He dashed into the woods, intent on exacting his own vengeance, and began a cat-and-mouse pursuit through the forest.

    Despite being drugged, Manpreet realized she had to intervene to prevent Meena from killing him.

    She said, “I need to find him because he might kill her.”

    “Or, more likely, she’ll kill him, which I can’t allow.” She’s my sister, and it’s my obligation to stop her.”

    While Meena was equipping herself with a rock to kill Liam, she stumbled after him and desperately tried to find the duo.

    Meena had no choice but to kill Liam when he screamed that he was going to kill him.

    Meena crept up on a frozen Liam and prepared to slam him in the head, but her preparations were thwarted at the last moment by police searchlights.

    She climbed into the cab of a passing trucker and asked him to drive her to Scotland, posing as Manpreet.

    However, viewers were left wondering why the truck driver didn’t stop to interview the injured and wounded Meena despite a police search taking place all around them.

    One wrote: “When you think the end is finally nye…along comes Tommy the Donny van driver”

    A second said: “one minute Meena is in the middle of supposedly nowhere hobbling around and then next minute she’s managed to flag a lorry driver down on a major A-road and is heading for Scotland”

    Another added: “That poor lorry driver obviously doesn’t watch Emmerdale”

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