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At the close of a big week EastEnders heap on the heartbreak

EastEnders ended the 35th anniversary episodes week with one character confirmed dead and fresh stories around Albert Square revealed.

Warning: warning spoiler!
The night Sharon gave birth to a baby child, her teenage son Dennis didn't survive on the Thames soap.

Ian had saved Dennis since sealing him in a space on the boat-but then more water poured in. When drugs were brought offshore to Dennis he could not resuscitate.

Ian's son Bobby, who had been attacked by Dennis and his mates previously, suffered a brain bleed.

Callum's future still hung in the balance on the floor of a factory on Friday's show, while Whitney admitted to murdering Leo and was taken into custody.

Mick and Linda reconciled in a remarkable heart-warming moment after he saved her on the cruise.

Explaining how the producers have chosen which character to kill off before the announcement that Dennis died, EastEnders ' Senior Executive Producer Kate Oates told "As we spoke about this – and it's valid of any show or story-you want an outcome. That's the only thing that comes out of the tragedy we're having.

"There is something almost Greek [ tragedy ] about this particular person, as it could be claimed that it has been known for quite some time," Oates concluded. "We spoke about it in-depth, and we had a lot of arguments about it. A bright venue is the conference room for the story.

The aftermath airs Monday at 8:00 pm on RTÉ One and BBC One.

EastEnders airs Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on both RTÉ One and BBC One.

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