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Sunday, January 23, 2022

    Australian actress Isabel Lucas exposed in COVID conspiracy zoom chat

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    For the first time since she went undercover, Isabel Lucas has been seen while debating the coronavirus ‘agenda’ on a video chat with conspiracy theorists and lockout opponents like notorious chef Pete Evans.

    During the Zoom call on Saturday, the former Home and Away actress and vocal anti-vaxxer went to great lengths to stay anonymous, hiding her face with a black hoodie and mask and using the pseudonym ‘X.’

    But this week comfortably in the womb of Byron Bay’s anti-vax hub in Australia, and with another controversy raging about whether or not a COVID-19 vaccine would be mandatory, the 35-year-old actress wasn’t so elusive.

    On Tuesday, Lucas was spotted feeling carefree as she ran errands in her neighborhood where her ex three-year-old partner, Chris Hemsworth, now lives with his family.

    The vocal campaigner, clad in battered denim and a white top, dropped off an Australia Post package and clutched the car keys.

    During her bizarre anonymous appearance on the live Zoom call days earlier, Lucas told her co-panelists she needed ‘to be careful about being outspoken’ as she was a famous Australian actress in the movies and on television.

    ‘I’m here because I don’t want to be anonymous, but I’m about to start shooting a movie so I have to be vigilant to be vocal so you can get rid of charities, you can risk promotions for car firms,’ said the 35-year-old.

    ‘It’s happened to me for speaking out in recent years. I feel vigilant and want no hostile, offensive reactions.

    In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and lockout orders, Lucas said she felt ‘100 percent called’ to ‘shine a light on the truth of what’s going on.’

    The star has signed on to appear in The Ogilvy Fortune, an adventure film currently in pre-production, just months after being fired as a spokeswoman for Plan International Australia, a girls’ empowerment charity after her divisive remarks on vaccines.

    ‘There is a certain degree of uncertainty and ideology that has had power … Then she said in the Zoom talk with other well-known personalities in the anti-lockdown then anti-mask culture that a lot of people trusted in lies.

    The Transformers: The Fallen actress’ vengeance also said that while living in California, she encountered some doctors who dropped out of the medical profession because of ‘abuse.’

    ‘All they talked about is what we are facing right now. When we’re in a state of fear, we just follow what’s said to us.

    Lucas said she was requested by her local council at the height of the March pandemic to film a video urging the residents to sit at home to avoid the virus spreading.
    She appeared in the clip encouraging audiences to stop traveling to NSW to prevent the spread of coronavirus, saying: ‘This is not the best time to visit Byron or other coastal cities, it is a perfect opportunity to give nature a break and us.’

    During the Zoom talk, Lucas admitted that she regretted being in the film.
    ‘I realized that all these amazing people were doing it and it’s the sort of stuff you might get looped into without knowing that you’re looped in,’ she said.

    ‘But those with a clear conscience and dignity aren’t going to sell out too quickly.’

    Lucas also announced she’d quit Hollywood in 2016 because during the odd Zoom debate Donald Trump won the presidential election.

    Yet she said after viewing a ‘mind-boggling’ YouTube video of Trump becoming a ‘power guy’ she has since had a change of heart of the president.

    A lightworker is a word used in metaphysical hippies to describe ‘beings who feel a tremendous urge to support others.’

    At the live-stream Lucas was joined by a group of other deniers of coronavirus and lockout opponents.

    The talk was led by Matt Lawson, who by bashing the Victorian government over its ‘draconian’ shutdown built up a cult following on Facebook.

    By saying the Australian actress will be joining him in the live chat while attempting to attract other actors, he gave away Lucas’ name.

    ‘Doing a live Zoom conference with Pete Evans and Isabel Lucas as well as Nurse and ADF whistleblower … Would you be happy to join us? Last week,’ he wrote to Twitter.

    He asked a string of retired AFL stars and politicians to join the Zoom call but none responded.

    Hours later, after posting the video on YouTube, Lawson changed the Lucas’ name on ‘X.’

    Lucas has also been joined by prominent anti-5G activist Zev Freeman and lawyer Serene Teffaha, who is planning a class action against the Victorian Government over their ‘illegal’ vaccine mandates and lockdown directives.

    Lucas’ boss Lizzi Morrisey told Daily Mail Australia that it was ‘speculation’ that the actress went undercover for the chat but declined to deny it was her.

    Previously, Lucas clarified that her issues relate solely to ‘compulsory vaccination’ rather than to immunization alone.

    She also shared her skepticism of mass media and 5 G mobile rollout coverage which she feels is negative.

    ‘I want to help the thousands of medical practitioners and leading EMF experts around the world who have given immediate action calls to delay 5 G and protect public safety,’ she said back in April.

    ‘My family has raised me to believe it is wise in my community to calmly question important topics. Recently I have been saddened to witness friends being labeled or assaulted for questioning and examining certain topics with respect.

    ‘I would never suggest to clarify that COVID-19 is related to 5 G, (some have speculated). I would like to promote coherent, direct, secure communication which welcomes healthy questioning.’

    Earlier this year, she compared the movement questioning the safety of 5 G technology to the sexual harassment movement # MeToo.
    ‘Why it has been proved that microwave radiation (EMF) is a powerful immune suppressant, harmful to humans, animals, plants-yet telco companies install the towers on top of schools, hospitals and near our homes … We’re in a lockdown? ‘She told her disciples.

    Bizarre new conspiracy theories have spread on social media in recent months, alleging that 5G causes coronavirus by ‘sucking out of your lungs oxygen.’

    Medical experts and technology experts have debunked those claims.

    Lucas defended her right to freedom of expression in a lengthy interview and highlighted 5 G’s possible risks.

    ‘The right to free expression is a constitutional right-is it a risk? ‘She began.

    ‘When more than 4,000 peer-reviewed publications explain wireless accidents and thousands of EMF scientists and medical doctors (and ex-Telco employees) around the world record wireless adverse biological effects-these would be fair questions, wouldn’t they?

    The actress even requested viewers to do their critical research, instead of only believing facts published in mass media.

    In response to an Instagram post by controversial celebrity chef Pete Evans, Lucas has also been slammed alongside surfer Taj Burrow for promoting alternative medicines as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Lucas said she ‘didn’t trust the vaccination route’ while Burrow, 41, said that given the coronavirus epidemic, vaccinations are ‘not required.’

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