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Bernice Blackstock blamed for Mandy Dingle’s death in horror twist

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A recent idea suggests that Bernice Blackstock of EMMERDALE, who hasn’t had her own plot on the ITV soap in a while, could be at the center of a significant murder mystery storyline.

Recently, after the character was attacked by a group of girls, Bernice (played by Samantha Giles) has been helping her sister, Nicola King (Nicola Wheeler), through her mental health storyline in Emmerdale. In addition to this, she has been looking for Mr. Right after multiple failed relationships over the course of the past year on the ITV serial opera. However, it appears the mother of one could be held accountable if her coworker Mandy Dingle (Lisa Riley) passes away in the upcoming weeks.

Bernice might experience some drama as a result of Mandy’s continuous effort to expose Sandra Flaherty (Joanne Mitchell) as the salon thief.

Bernice is already one of Sandra’s targets after Bernice was allegedly accused of not leaving any money in the tip jar a few weeks ago.

Although Mandy was interested in learning whether Liv Flaherty’s (Isobel Steele) mother was speaking the truth or not, viewers know this was a lie as Sandra grabbed the money for herself.

As a result, she set up CCTV cameras in the salon, and when Sandra discovered this, she had to try to find a different source of income.

After spending the night with Sandra, Rishi Sharma (Bhasker Patel) felt compelled to buy her silence about their encounter, which is how he got entangled.

Next week when he visits the salon, Sandra will continue to threaten him because she wants to use him to the fullest.

She also threatens to tell the villagers about how he forced an alcoholic to drink before finally persuading her into bed.

Mandy starts to wonder about the two characters’ interactions as so much is occurring beneath the salon’s roof.

Mandy tells Bernice she’s curious about Sandra and says she’s going to do something to show her correct about the thief.

Bernice might begin as a supporting character in all of this, but she might end up becoming the main character and the plot’s center.

This is so that, in the event that Sandra kills Mandy, she can avoid being apprehended by the authorities by using Bernice as a pawn.

Sandra was able to inform the authorities that she overheard a fight at the salon earlier that day since she knew Mandy was discussing her suspicions about her with Bernice.

She might explain how Bernice had had enough of Mandy’s outrageous claims and told her that if she wasn’t going to let the subject go, they could no longer collaborate.

Sandra could explain how Bernice tried to shove Mandy away from her, but that it was just a little bit too forceful as the argument turned telepathic.

If Mandy had leaned back and slammed her head on the desk, the severity of the injury might have resulted in her death right away.

In actuality, Sandra might have been Bernice at this scenario, and she would have been the one arguing with Mandy in the salon.

The burglar would have recognized she needed to silence Mandy since the argument was becoming hot and she was losing her ability to get away with lying.

Sandra would have realized on the instant that she could place the blame for the murder on someone else if she had made it appear unintentional.

Despite Bernice’s protests to the contrary, Sandra’s proof may persuade the authorities to assume that Bernice is the offender they are seeking.

Will Sandra actually escape punishment for the murder she committed, or will she eventually be exposed?

Samantha and Lisa, the stars of Bernice and Mandy, respectively, are seen in sequences with Sandra, who is portrayed by actress Joanne.

To Express.co.uk and other media, Joanne elucidated: “I am really anticipating it!

“Added for good measure is Bernice, who is also amazing. Because there is so much to play with, it is quite enjoyable.”

The actress continued, describing how her alter ego is tired of Mandy’s campaign to out her: “She worries about it, and I believe it weighs on her mind because she perceives Mandy as a powerful woman who obviously has a lot of influence over Vinny and Liv.

So she must maintain her support, which, in my opinion, is troubling for her and causes Sandra to worry.
She hasn’t been destroyed, Joanne continued; she can always find a way out.

Because she has survived, this woman will find a way to turn everything around, and she has the self-assurance to do so, which is exactly what she does. She makes various efforts to win her over.

“I believe she may have undervalued Mandy. Before arriving in the village, I believe she is aware of who she is and what she is like.

She doesn’t know enough about her, but because she lives with Liv and works at the salon, she constantly keeps an eye on how much influence she wields.

She added, though, might this be blaming Bernice for murder? “If someone finds her out, she’ll think of the response and she’ll come up with some sort of explanation that will hopefully get her out of trouble,” she said.

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