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Brook Lynn Demands a Favor from Julian after Ned Cuts Her Off

Tuesday, February 25, 2020: Ned needs Brook Lynn to take responsibility on General Hospital today, Carly challenges Nelle, Julian seeks help from Alexis, and Joss has a change of heart.

Olivia informs Ned Brook Lynn hasn't shown up for her shift at Metro Court restaurant. Brook goes in to say she has booked a recording session and can't work, but she needs to check it out. She explains that she will only record for herself, so Linc won't be able to get his hands on it.

Dustin comes in and says that sometime he would like to hear her recordings. Brook Lynn gets a call to listen to that her session has been canceled so she can function, but Olivia is fired. Brook Lynn knows that she is not suited to hospitality and that she should work on her music anyway.

Ned reminds her that she still needs to have her bills payable. He gives her a position at ELQ. If she doesn't want that, then she's better off getting a job elsewhere because her free ride has ended. As Dustin talks with Olivia about school dance, he assures her that he is not trying to take Dante's place in Lulu's life, but she remains cold towards him. Sam captures Alexis over on Wiley at a bar. Julian joins them in asking for Brad to refer Alexis to an attorney. Sam can't believe her dad's gall. He believes that Brad was in emotional distress so that as she claims, he did not steal Nelle's baby. Alexis thinks both Nelle and Brad should be punished for what they have done but agrees to send him a list of lawyers.

Julian says thank you, and leavesSam asks why he is so preoccupied with Brad. Alexis does not know, but she relays that she must go to the hearing of Neil to tell the board that they had no relationship. Sam wondered if they can pursue a relationship without being caught. Alexis is not going to risk his career for this. It's not about their style. Sam says that's her style, and she isn't going to let the parole board keep Jason away. Alexis does not want her to do anything illegal, but Sam is not going to give up being with Jason at all. Joining Julian at the bar is Brook Lynn. She lobsters accusations that he was working with Brad to keep Wiley and rig the car accident. He asks her what she would like. She answers she needs a little favor.

She leaves them alone in her house after Joss asks Cam and Trina about her new nephew. Trina reminds Cam that they can not allow Joss to skip the dance so they can come together. Cam worries Joss won't make his feelings come back. When Joss returns, she repeats that she is not up for the dance. She would rather hang out with Wiley and do some newspapering. As Trina tries to persuade her to go, she discloses that she and Cam are going together. This report comes as a surprise to Joss. Her interest is piqued further when she learns that Mr. Phillips (Dustin) will escort the event

Michael tells Jason at Quartermaine mansion that he has Diane filing the proper paperwork to block Nelle's requests for Wiley to see. Jason thinks Michael needs to make a new plan in case Nelle goes free. Michael steps away to address Chase's door, who's educating him on the case of Nelle. What they have hitherto uncovered contradicts her version of events. Michael tells Willow about it. Chase thinks it's going to get worse before that gets better. Michael has expressed his sympathy for Willow after he leaves. In all this, he believes she was the one that suffered the most. Once Jason is gone, Joss stops fawning over her WileyMichael declares when she badmouths Nelle, he made a decision not to be sad or regret what they missed. She wonders if they survived the shooting, so this time, they can appreciate it. She looks like she finally gets out of the black hole of missing Oscar. She's coming back to her old self, and that feels good. She has even changed her mind on the music.

Carly visits Nelle in lockup to tell her that she'll never let Wiley see her again. Nelle spits out that Brad had stolen her baby, so Carly ought to blame him. Carly says Brad gets what he deserves, and so does Nelle. Carly warns that if Nelle goes free, her first steps in the sunshine might be her last step. She advises Nelle to plead guilty because she is going to be safer. Nelle replies that while in prison, she learned a lot from Ryan. She decides to have a sister so that she can be in two locations at once. Chase comes in and prompts Carly to leave. He blames her for attempting to kidnap Wiley. He even has the necessary passports to prove it.

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