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Sunday, January 23, 2022

    Cameron Daddo and Georgie Parker just dropped a massive hint Roo and Owen will fall in love on Home and Away

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    It is the shock twin plot twist that has engrossed fans of Home And Away and now, it looks like Owen Slater might be coming up with a big love tale.
    Cameron Daddo and Georgie Parker, who play Owen and Roo Stewart on the soapie on Monday, spoke on The Morning Show and suggested some really interesting stuff for their characters coming up.
    Despite the bumpy presentation by Roo and Owen, the two are now on good terms and have also had their first date together.
    Georgie and Cameron were hopeful when questioned by Kylie Gillies of The Morning Show as to whether a wedding could be on the cards for their characters.

    “I don’t know … Wouldn’t that be fun?” Georgie giggled, before turning to Cameron and joking: “Oh, I do!”
    Georgie also predicted that she’d be the one to propose if Roo ever entered into a serious relationship.
    With her last significant relationship occurring over a decade ago, Roo is definitely due for a romance on the display.

    Her character Roo, like most of the inhabitants of Summer Bay, has failed to establish a long-lasting connection with most of the men she’s dated over the years, including Harvey Ryan (Marcus Graham), James Edmunds (Myles Pollard), and James Mayers (Tim Ross).
    In one of the famous early storylines of the show, Roo, who was originally played by Justine Clarke in the late 80s before Georgie took over the part in 2010, was also briefly married to Frank Morgan (Alex Papps).
    Georgie recently told Digital Spy that she wanted her next romance on-screen to be long-lasting.

    “If Roo were to meet love again, I would prefer it to be long-term. I’d prefer it to be ‘the one’-someone who goes to Summer Bay, becomes part of the house and part of the family. Something stable and long-term,” she told the newspaper. Something stable and long-term.

    Well, Cameron ticks those boxes sure!
    “I worked with Cameron on another show before, and it’s so cool to have someone who is not only competent and who started in the industry at the same time as I did, but he’s one of the most friendly and nice people I’ve ever met,” explained the actress on Monday.
    “We got pretty close and it’s a lovely thing to go to work and see him there.”
    Meanwhile, Cameron has admitted that Owen will rely more than ever upon Roo as he attempts to find out about his long-lost twin brother Ryder, who has passed away sadly.

    “Owen didn’t know he had a sibling or that he was adopted,” the actor said during his appearance at the Morning Show, “it was all figured out when he came only to take a wave at Summer Bay.
    “This is the loss of his child, his parents are gone, and the only ones who can tell him who he really is are Roo and his nephew, Ryder. That’s very sad.”
    Cameron surprised viewers in August when he returned to Summer Bay, playing Evan’s long-lost twin brother Owen as his lead role.

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