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Coronation Street death horror as sinkhole disaster revisited in storyline to rival tram crash

The upcoming tragedy on Coronation Street will equal the legendary tram collapse that devastated Wetherfield in 2010.

The big ‘cinematic’ event will witness the reappearance of the foreboding sinkhole that emerged in the Platts’ back yard a year ago, killing one character.

“It’s going to be so enormous it’ll match the tram crash,” Sally Carman, who portrays Abi Franklin, told the Mirror at the National Television Awards. You’re going to get your socks blown off.”

Iain Macleod, the show’s executive producer, compared the plot to Chekhov’s gun, a theatrical concept that argues that everything that happens is significant and adds to the larger story.

“We don’t have Chekhov’s gun in our works,” the author explains, “but we do have Chekhov’s sinkhole.”

“We’ve attempted to defy the previous 12 months, and the restricted way in which all soap operas have been compelled to tell their storylines, and say, “We’re back.”

“It’ll be big – a lot of emotion, a lot of wonderful spectacle – it’ll be cinematic.”

Corrie wanted to shoot stunning feats that they hadn’t been allowed to do before owing to constraints imposed by the Covid-19 epidemic, according to Iain.

He stated, “It’s a statement of purpose that we wanted to put out there as a display to make something we couldn’t possibly have done in the previous 18 months because the pandemic wouldn’t allow it.”

“But now that we’re back, and our team is the best in the business, we can and will do it, and it’ll be truly amazing.”

A tram collapsed into the street after a gas explosion at The Joinery pub in the tram accident episodes commemorating Corrie’s 50th anniversary.

After assisting Nick Tilsley in escaping with an incapacitated Peter Barlow, Ashley Peacock was crushed by the falling Jonery.

Molly Dobbs, along with her infant son Jack, perished after being trapped in the corner shop.

Molly died in the ruins after admitting to Sally Webster about her affair with her husband Kevin and the fact that her baby Jack was Kevin’s kid rather than her husband Tyrone’s.

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