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Coronation Street fans question why Maria Connor is so stupid

Coronation Street fans question why Maria Connor is so stupid

She has made some questionable decisions

Coronation Street fans were left wondering why Maria Connor was so dumb after failing to realize her fiancé, Gary Windass, was responsible for the overdose of Ali Neeson.

Maria has had a rocky relationship with Gary over the last several months and she ended up sleeping with her ex-boyfriend Ali on Valentine's Day.

Thinking Gary had returned to his criminal ways, Maria became mortified when it turned out that he was actually planning to propose.

Gary recently discovered the encounter between Ali and Maria and plotted to get his revenge on the doctor.

Ali ended up passing out at work in the episodes of last night (Monday, March 9, 2020), and Toyah told the paramedics she believed he had overdosed on Diazepam.

Seeing Ali being taken to hospital, he was visited by Maria and his' brother' Ryan gave Maria some home truths, saying that if she hadn't led Ali on he wouldn't have overdosed.

 But what Ryan and Maria don't know is that Gary asked Sharon to deal with loan shark Ali. Sharon spiked her soda and changed it to Ali's.

 Yet fans wondered how Maria could be so dumb and not know that Gary had something to do with Ali falling ill.

In the meantime, Ali soon woke up with Ryan by his side in the hospital and insisted that he was not taking anything.

Do Ali and Ryan soon realize Gary drugged Ali?

This isn't the first time Maria's stupidity has annoyed viewers.

She discovered earlier this year that Gary was a loan shark but instead of dumping him, she took him back on the grounds that his criminal activity prevented him.

Despite staying true to his word, he recently got back in touch with Sharon, who worked for Rick Neelan, killed the loan shark, Gary.

In the end, does his history catch up with him?

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