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Coronation Street Geoff ‘to brutally attack Yasmeen’

Coronation Street villain Geoff Metcalfe looks poised to take his abuse of wife Yasmeen Nazir (Shelley King) to the next level. Coronation Street spoilers revealed that Geoff would be left furious after Yasmeen decided to flee Spain without him after discovering that he had faked a heart attack. He also threatens her granddaughter Alya, surprising Yasmeen with his wrath, and she also discovers that he’s been using escorts behind her back.

Coronation Street:Could Geoff start getting violent with his wife as they self-isolate?

As Geoff admits he’s lying, Yasmeen says she’s going to Spain without him and tries to get out of the house, but he’s there to stop her from leaving. While the soap has already made changes to the shooting and timetable, it may be that the stories are changed to include Coronavirus, which will force the people of Weatherfield to remain indoors. This could prove fatal to Yasmeen, as she would have no escape from her abuser, who is becoming increasingly erratic as the story progresses.

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Coronation Street:Yasmeen will try to leave her husband, but he stops her from getting out of the house

Shanika Varga, Solicitor at Stowe Family Law LLP, told: “When more and more people are self-isolated due to Coronavirus, we can, unfortunately, expect to see a significant rise in domestic violence cases. “Many people – whether they realize it or not – are in abusive relationships, so abusers would usually manipulate any situation and take advantage of their perceived position of power.” She added: “From a physical point of view, being stuck together in a house for two weeks or longer means that the risk of a situation being violent is far higher. There are situations where abusers hold off or become more likely to be violent. “However, knowing that their victim won’t go out and see people coming to an end for potentially weeks, this may no longer be a concern because any marks would have time to disappear.”

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Coronation Street Spoilers

She continued: “Practically speaking, it is more important than ever to come up with contingency plans during this challenging period. If you find yourself in a life-threatening situation, lock yourself in a secure space (for example, a bathroom) and call 999.
“If it is possible and provided that it does not raise doubt, having a bag ready with necessities such as your passport, clothes, money, and a phone charger is a smart option such that you can grab the bag and go if the situation escalates.” Will the health of Yasmeen be in danger when the Coronavirus arrives in Weatherfield? Let’s hope that Alya, who has worked out that her grandma is being abused, will work out a way to rescue her. Corrie continues tomorrow at 7.30 pm on ITV.


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