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Coronation Street horror as Geoff forces Yasmeen into sex despite her being in pain with chlamydia

Coronation Street fans are horrified after Geoff Metcalfe coerced Yasmeen into sex-despite her evident discomfort. The abuser-who is played by Ian Bartholomew in the ITV soap-has given Chlamydia to his wife after he cheated on her with a succession of prostitutes-but she has yet to know that.

Instead, she was left in considerable pain, and Geoff’s manipulations made her much weaker. In tonight’s episode, Geoff sparked a row between Yasmeen and her friend Cathy, alienating her more. And after he had done it, he tricked her into thinking that she really wanted him to be happy in her life, and then he pounced. Turning off the TV, he told her he needed them to have an early evening, but she refused to find out how sick she was.

But amid Yasmeen’s obvious distress and discomfort, Geoff grabbed her hand and took her upstairs-against her will.

“I don’t feel that nice, I am serious,” said Yasmeen. “So I am,” Geoff responded as he had taken her upstairs. The viewers were horrified and sickened by the scene and were desperate for Yasmeen to flee.

One wrote: “not Geoff now forcing Yasmeen to have SEX with him no no please no this is disgusting.”

A second said: “#Corrie bit creepy Geoff talking Yasmeen into sex when she’s not feeling it.”

Another added: “I feel quite sick #thelovedoctor #Geoff @ITV #coronationstreet.”

A fourth wrote: “Just finished watching #coronationstreet and just vomited in my own mouth the thought of Geoff as the #lovedoctor.”


  1. Corrie meed to end this disgusting chapter…I can’t comprehend why the saga is being so stretched out!! Enough is enough!

  2. How this lady must be feeling is beyond words can you imagin woman going through this torture by horrible evil twisted man every day how a man can see use woman as something to just abuse I will never know but at the same time woman can mentally n physically abuse men these things have to be addressed but corrine going on to long were I’m crying for yazmeen xx

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