The 10,000th episode of a trip to Blackpool for Ken Barlow, Rita Tanner (Barbara Knox) and friends after some sad news. And certain lives will change forever. Returning to the street, Yasmeen Nazir’s brutal bullying of Geoff Metcalfe steps up to even more disturbing levels as he leaves her helpless and terrified as Roy Cropper has a vulnerable niece.

Monday 3rd February Part One

Geoff scuppers the plans of Alya with Yasmen for a day out because he wants her to be his magic support. Geoff pushes Yasmeen into the box but the trick goes wrong, leaving a claustrophobic Yasmeen in fear and Geoff angry. Maria tells Liam she’s lost the baby, but she’s angry about Gary for telling Liam he’s going to have a brother or sister.

Steve and Tracy abandon the book club to go out in a hotel room for a dirty night. Nina calls the cafe and Carla is concerned about her health. Daniel is awkward waking next to Bethany, who wears Sinead’s dressing gown.

Monday 3rd February Part Two

Geoff feels like a laughing stock and is shocked to discover that a video was uploaded online about the trick going wrong. Blaming Yasmeen, he is filming her and cruelly goading her and Tim is stunned by the reaction of his family. Ike calls Gary to borrow money at the furniture shop but he declines. She tells Maria she wants to be with her, whether they have a baby or not. Steve and Tracy are upset that they are nothing but posh in their hotel room and have a frank conversation about their relationship. Bethany tells Sarah she was at Daniel’s overnight but Sarah cuts her off. Daniel is telling Bethany he’s not ready for a relationship but she’s thinking she should wait. Nina returns to the cafe, starving and short of money but refuses Roy’s money. Michael makes a promise to keep Grace in touch daily.

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