In the episode of Coronation Street next week, Ray is setting his eyes on Alya, while Daniel and Bethany are making a huge decision about their relationship.



Bethany is committed to exposing Ray

As Ray admits he's arranged for Alya to check into a posh hotel suite to visit an interior designer, Bethany instinctively susses his true intentions.She warns Alya that Ray is going to get her to bed, and Alya walks out of the meeting–much to the frustration of Ray.But, after Bethany discovers that Alya postponed her plans to meet her uni mates with Ryan, she admits that she went to meet Ray.Concerned, Bethany is rushing to the hotel to save Alya, and once and for all to kill Ray.


Alya questions Ray about his intentions

Following Bethany's intrusion in the hotel room, Alya is left wondering whether to tell Ray she was mistaken.Ray maintains he is innocent and the hotel room was for a legitimate business lunch with the interior designer, Cassie.Earlier, as Alya visits Cassie, it is obvious that Cassie was unaware of the planned conference in the hotel room.Realizing that Bethany has always been right, Alya has it with Ray, accusing him of trying to trick her into sleeping with him.

Bethany and Daniel form the perfect team

Bethany enlists the help of Daniel in her battle against Ray as they seek to obtain information from Ray's solicitor's office.They're shocked to discover a list of women's names after uploading their files-including Michelle's.They conclude after further research that they may have the ammunition need to put Ray down for good-but they are frustrated when the Weatherfield Gazette fails to publish their story.Left without any other alternative, they post online an exposé of Bethany.

Abi has a revenge plan of her own

It's not long before word spreads out on the street after the article labeling Ray a sex pest gets posted online.No-one is more surprised than Abi, who in recent weeks had fallen to Ray's charms.For Ray, who tries to pass off Bethany's essay as a fib, Abi makes a joke about that post.Abi becomes disappointed by his pride as he admits he wants her to come with him to the charity ball.Abi agrees to join Ray but let's just say she has a few tricks up her sleeve as the ball gets underway.

Beth makes a shocking discovery

The tension between Daniel and Bethany bubbles over, broken further together by teaming up against Ray.The couple exchanges an embrace in temptation, but the moment is disrupted by Beth, who is disturbed with what she's seen.Horrified at seeing Daniel seemingly already moving on, Beth lies in him for disrespecting the memory of Sinead.Rebecca has another angry outburst at the couple later in the week for sleeping together so long after Sinead's death-and her comments have hit Daniel deeply.

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