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Sunday, August 14, 2022

    Coronation Street SPOILER: Wicked Geoff leaves when an abusive woman Yasmeen ATTACK him in a violent demonstration

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    Yasmeen will STAB Geoff in the neck next month and later tells the 999 operator that she’s killed him!!

    Spoilers from Coronation Street show the explosive moment at which Yasmeen Nazir eventually strikes back at her cruel husband Geoff Metcalfe, leaving him dead. Viewers have been watching for months as Geoff began to emotionally torment his wife and chipped away at her trust in the manipulative power storyline that was hard to watch at times.

    Yet shocking photographs reveal the next month, in a moment of panic, Yasmeen (Shelley King) inevitably bursts and lashes out at Geoff (Ian Bartholomew) with a glass bottle-but does he die?

    Attack: Coronation Street spoilers reveal the dramatic moment Yasmeen Nazir finally fights back at her abusive husband Geoff Metcalfe, leaving him for dead

    Dramatic scenes will see Geoff returning a frightened Yasmeen to a corner while holding a knife, leaving her looking like a ‘wounded beast.’ She takes a bottle of wine in self-defence and strikes him with it, cutting his throat in the process.
    When Geoff collapses to the floor clutching his swollen throat cut, when she realizes what she’s done, Yasmeen looks at him in terror.

    She trembles with panic, then picks up the phone and dials 999, saying to the operator: ‘I just killed my friend.’

    Then finally over? Explosive pictures reveal that in a moment of panic next month Yasmeen (Shelley King) suddenly snaps and lashes out at Geoff (Ian Bartholomew) with a glass bottle-but will he die?

    How do police say it’s self-defense? Geoff deliberately abused his long-suffering wife over months in an awkward tale of coercive influence. He has alienated her from her family and friends, robbed her of money, trapped her in the box of a wizard and even forced her to eat her own pet chicken.

    And besides belittling her and chipping away bit by bit at her confidence, after secretly setting up CCTV in their home, he has even spied on her.

    Terrified: Dramatic scenes will see Geoff back a terrified Yasmeen into a corner while holding a knife, leaving her feeling like a ‘wounded animal’

    Yasmeen has already learned in previous episodes that Geoff used an escort service with Yasmeen instead of turning to the police to obtain information about his past under Clare’s Act. Geoff must starve vulnerable Yasmeen of food in scenes to be played out this week, after learning that she has contracted a sexually transmitted illness.

    He then cruelly orders her to wear a dress which he bought for an escort and sits down for a sumptuous dinner and wine while a ravenous Yasmeen looks on. Actress Shelley King, 64, who plays Yasmeen offers her opinion on this particular scene, saying: ‘He’s on the table with a bottle of wine and dinner, he’s giving her nothing. Everything she needs is to sleep, and kiss him. She needs to make him forgive her.

    Fighting back: In self-defence, she grabs a wine bottle and hits him with it, slashing his neck in the process

    ‘She doesn’t regularly know, she hasn’t eaten well for two and a half days.

    ‘What she does is respond like a hurt cornered animal she really tries to escape it all, she saves herself she doesn’t hit him but it’s him that ends up bleeding on the kitchen floor.’ She goes on to say the scenes were ‘difficult’ to shoot, to be screened next month.

    ‘And in this series, there have been several really complicated moments, but even the technical side of a scene like this ensures that anything you see that only plays out for three minutes could take the entire day to film,’ she explained.

    Shock: When Geoff collapses to the floor clutching his open neck wound, Yasmeen looks horrified at him when she realizes what she has done

    ‘You have to focus at that time to remain in the moment. Ian and I are very close to each other, we’re best friends and we respect one another. For the day and a half that we worked on depicting the terror the we needed to hold in the moment, hardly talking outside of the scene. It was a closed set, as well.

    ‘If you have three minutes shot over a day and a half you have no spare time and you can not afford to smile and relax, you have to touch too many people inside yourself. Every single person on the set was amazing and understood and focused on making those moments happen.’

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