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Coronation Street Spoiler:Gary Windass goes back to evil loan shark job.

CORONATION Street star Sharon is coming back to the street because Gary Windass is going to return to his role as a bad loan shark. Gary's right-hand woman, last appeared on the soap in July 2019, played by Naomi Cooper Davies and was seen filming out on a job with Gary.
Sharon was the henchwoman of Rick Neelan's loan shark, helping him to terrorize Gary and push him to steal people out of their money.

He then started working for Gary, still becoming suspicious that he had suddenly taken over Rick's office until Gary revealed that Rick had been murdered.
Her return signals that Gary is going back as a loan shark to his evil ways as he and his former cohort will both be seen playing hardball with an elderly couple.
Mikey and Naomi have both recently filmed the disturbing scenes in which an older man and his disabled wife were confronted, and their sofas took away.
Corrie director Iain MacLeod spoke about the next step of Gary's plot and said: "We can not ignore Gary Windass's continued journey and his return to his genetic fate as a slightly dodgy scowl, and that has an exciting chapter at the beginning of the new year."

He clarified that Gary would eventually go head to head with Adam Barlow, adding: "While the attention on his new family and Maria is over here, Adam Barlow secretly conspires against him and tries to take the authorities to Rick's final resting place."
Rick's daughter Kelly Neelan will be out for blood as she also returns to the street looking for answers about her dad.
It seems like Gary might need to watch his back, is the returning Sharon going to continue supporting him?

Despite Gary telling Sharon about Rick's murder, fans thought she'd be next on Gary's list. Last July, she found him planting clues in Rick's house before realizing what he had done. He said: "I had to protect Sharon. I had to accept that he couldn't come after us again. I had no choice, and I had to worry about my family. Gary gave her £ 15,000 to keep quiet on what he had told her, afraid she would spill the beans.

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