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Coronation Street spoilers: after she nearly killed quads, Gemma Winter gives up a heartbreaking ‘ nightmare ‘parenting

CORONATION Street fans are set to witness Gemma Winter’s heartbreaking emotional turmoil as she admits the cold, hard truth of her parenting “nightmare”.

The bubbly character of Dolly Rose Campbell was exhausted, nervous and concerned about late, worrying for her quad treatment and her friendship with Chesney.

ITV soap bosses have reported that she would eventually experience mental health issues owing to her alleged inadequacies as a mum, and her struggles would come to the fore in the forthcoming scenes.

Corrie posted a video clip of Gemma revealing that she intentionally “nearly destroyed” her children by driving their pram into a busy road when she claimed she wasn’t cut out to be a mum.

Both sit on the couch and cry it out after rowing over her getting a few drinks the night before in tender scenes that depict Gemma with her mum.

The young mother, whose waters burst on a cable train, tells of her four tots: “I nearly destroyed them-couple more seconds and I’d forced them back of a running car’s wheels.

“I forced the carriage into the lane-because he had jammed his brakes on.” It was my fault, I was intoxicated. She talked about her sleepless nights, adding: “It’s like a vision so I’m not still sleeping.

“I just keep on dreaming about all the stuff that could happen to them.”

In a statement that is sure to trigger a burst of empathy and compassion, the tired mother instead quizzes: “What’s wrong with me?” She added: “The Imogen’s right, I don’t deserve to be a parent.” Although Gemma has Bernie’s complete encouragement, she confessed she didn’t warn Chesney of her worries.

She still did not have support for her parent and baby party since she was there.

The Sun Online exclusively announced this month that as she joins the baby party, Corrie is going to discuss Gemma’s emotional wellbeing because she is constantly harassed by the mean mum and session chief.

A source tells us: “Gemma attends a new community group, but it all goes bad as she conflicts with a few bitchy ladies.” They always ridicule her and challenge a concern about herself-so some of the mums ‘ actions will push Gemma through a different mental wellbeing plot so take an into a spiral.

“It’ll be extremely rough for her-so for a lot of parents it’ll be very relatable.”

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