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Coronation Street Spoilers: Aled is deaf.

Coronation Street announced that Chesney Brown and Gemma Winter's next major storyline would start next week as they discover that their baby son Aled has a severe hearing loss. Chesney and Gemma are told the news after they have made an essential consultation with Aled at the hospital.
Aled has a hearing test, while Chesney and Gemma are waiting for the results. Earlier, the audiologist states that Aled has a significant permanent loss of hearing in both of his ears. Gemma is upset about the news, particularly As she learns Aled was deaf from birth and never heard her say she loves him.

Chesney is trying his best to console Gemma, pledging that he will always be by her side, and they will face any problems together with Aled.
Chesney holds Gemma in for a hug, but it's obvious she is far from being convinced. Coronation Street management collaborated alongside Great Ormond Street Hospital and the Trafford Deaf Children's Society before creating Aled's storyline. The episode will discuss how Gemma and Chesney cope with the condition and help available for Aled and the parents, including hearing aid devices.

While Gemma initially found the news to be sad, there were many positive messages in the plot in weeks and months to come. Coronation Street spokeswoman recently said, "This is a fascinating story to tell and connect with many parents who have been through their children being born with hearing problems and it is a challenge for a child, the parents, and the entire family."

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