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Coronation Street spoilers: Alina Pop to leave Seb heartbroken as she moves on for good

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CORONATION STREET resident Alina Pop has been caught up in some drama with her love life in the past few weeks in Weatherfield after Emma Brooker realized her friend still had feelings for Seb Franklin. Now, as Alina looks to move on, could she finally find happiness in a new source as she becomes close to another new face?

CORONATION STREET viewers saw Alina Pop (played by Ruxandra Porojnicu) make a comeback to the ITV soap earlier this year as she hoped to reunite with Seb Franklin (Harry Visononi). Her disappointment became clear when she realized it was too late but could she now end up with a new man as she becomes closer to Michael Bailey (Ryan Russell)?

Alina arrived on the cobbles in 2019 and soon became embroiled in a dangerous plot during her work as a nail technician.

The salon was being used as a front for human trafficking and confided in Seb Franklin who tipped off the police and got her out of trouble. 

She soon fled back to her home of Romania and Seb moved on and started dating Emma Brooker (Alexandra Mardell). 

Alina returned earlier this year for pastures new and bagged a job in the Underworld factory but was left saddened to see Seb in a new relationship. 

However, tensions soon rose and Emma became aware of Seb’s true feelings towards Alina. 

Despite Alina insisting she was not in love with Seb, Emma was not able to deal with the situation and asked her boyfriend to move out. 

Just when it looked romance might be on the cards for Seb and Alina once more, she became involved with another resident. 

David Platt (Jack P Shepherd) has had a difficult few months since his wife Shona Ramsey (Julia Goulding) was shot by Derek Milligan (Craig Els).

Shona was left in a coma after her injuries and finally seemed to be on the mend last month as she started to remember some details of her past.

Unfortunately, one person she couldn’t remember was her new husband David and he was left gutted as she refused to see him. 

David tried everything to jog Shona’s memory of who he was including showing her their wedding photos and talking about their life together. 

After a particularly hard day as he was once again refused permission to see his beloved wife, he sought comfort in new arms after bumping into Alina.

The pair ended up drinking together and David asked her to come back to his place where they soon kissed and planned to sleep with each other.

After hearing from David’s brother Nick Tilsey (Ben Price) Alina had called in sick to work, ex-lover Seb turned up at her house, interrupted her and David. 

Seb was devastated to see them together but it seems now he may have another reason to worry as Alina looks to move on for good. 

Now, could she find new happiness as she bonds with another resident in Weatherfield?

Michael Bailey hasn’t had much luck with his love life since he arrived on the cobbles last year and soon got back in touch with his ex-girlfriend Grace (Kate Spencer) who he previously left after discovering she was pregnant. 

The pair had a child together named Tianna (Naveh-Mae Maloney), who Grace has gradually let back into his life as he tries to make amends.

Now, it seems he may have something else to be excited about as whilst he waits to be interviewed for a new position at Underworld, he ends up opening up to Alina about his little girl. 

Alina is set to be charmed by Michael and if the pair end up working together, it’s not unlikely they could become close. 

Could they end up striking up a new romance as she seeks to move on from Seb for good?

Coronation Street continues on Friday at 7:30 pm 

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