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Coronation Street spoilers: Evelyn is reunited with an old flame.

BATTLEAXE Evelyn gets a blast in Coronation Street from the past week when she runs into an old Arthur flame.
Evelyn then gets a makeover from Claudia as she prepares for a date with Arthur. Corrie viewers will be aware that Evelyn appears on Corrie after Tyrone learned that his mum and dad were, after all, not his real parents.

Tyrone tracked his aunt Evelyn via social media and learned that his mother Cassandra had died years ago in South Africa. Evelyn had nothing to do with Tyrone, but she finally gave up after losing her house and moving in with her long-lost grandson-much to Fiz's dismay. Evelyn had ruffled other feathers on the cobbles since her arrival, including Tyrone's when she suggested he chuck Fiz out of the house. Tyrone was told by the interfering nan that Fiz was a bad influence on depressed Hope and that she had to leave, leaving Tyrone shocked.

But in the episodes of Coronation Street this week, audiences can see a very different scenario for Evelyn when she's reunited with an old flame. In the future scenes, an unlikely relationship is blossoming as Tyrone and Evelyn take Cerberus to the vets. When Evelyn pays the bill, she's shocked to see her former Arthur flame when she leaves the hospital with her dog. Tyrone watches the couple gasp at each other's sight and can note that Evelyn's feelings for Arthur are still clearly there. Later, Evelyn loiters with Cerberus at Victoria Park, expecting to bump into Arthur. Once Arthur shows up, she's sky-high and flirts with her.

They talk about their previous relationship and how they'd get married in a different lifetime. Evelyn reserves a booth for her date with Arthur at the pub the next day. And when Claudia decides to do her hair and makeup before the big day, she is delighted.

Yet when Evelyn looks in the mirror at herself, she discovers that she seems much like Claudia and scrapes in the horror of the lipstick. She goes to the pub again feeling like her usual self and waits for Arthur. But does he appear, and will they be able to revive their old relation?

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