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Coronation Street spoilers: Geoff turns on Alya as she ‘rumbles’ Yasmeen abuse.

Coronation Street's Alya Nazir will become more worried for her grandma Yasmeen next week, in the middle of ITV's coercive control storyline.
Geoff Metcalfe has exploited and abused his wife Yasmeen for months, while at the same time making her feel that she is to blame for his actions.
Isolating her from loved ones, and holding her at home, he even claimed that she had just been an alcoholic.
Geoff continued his torment with loved ones, not realizing the extent of Yasmeen's ordeal.
But things take a turn next week, as she struggles to cope with her situation.
Her granddaughter, Alya, becomes suspicious after spending time with the pair. Geoff now seems to be turning on her, manipulating her, and trying to keep her away from her gran.

Spoilers have revealed that Alya plans to return to a family restaurant, Speed Daal, with Geoff taking control recently
When he tells the pair that he's talking instead of working, things get more worrying when Alya learns about his recent behavior. 
Yasmeen tells her that she's put her back out of the sofa at home because Geoff insists that she's hovering under it. Alya is deeply concerned about his demands but is annoyed when Geoff sends her a negative online review of the restaurant, suggesting that it's directed at her.
Alya confides in her grandmother that Geoff is smug and blaming her, is she going to support her?

Later, Geoff strikes his wife for not getting dinner on the table when he gets back from work, leaving her over-apologetic.
But things are going from bad to worse as she offers him a plate of vegetables because he didn't give her enough money to buy some meat-with him restricting her cash-leading Geoff to upset her with his response.

Neighbour Gail Platt, however, hears her weeping in the kitchen and expresses her concerns with Alya outside.
Alya is troubled to hear of it, as Geoff continues to ignore his wife back at the house. So is she going to confront him, or even ask Yasmeen about this? Although she is not supposed to reveal next week's complete abuse, she seems to assume that something is very wrong. Knowing Alya, once she knows the truth she will not let it drop

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