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Coronation Street spoilers: Ken Barlow to suffer ‘heartbreaking loss’ in shock death plot

CORONATION STREET stalwart Ken Barlow may be set to endure the loss of a loved one in upcoming episodes when the pensioner is only starting to settle down in the retirement home in Still Waters.
Ken (played by William Roache) eventually left Coronation Street after more than 60 years of cobbles life with him and his wife, Claudia Colby (Rula Lenska) moving to Still Waters Retirement Center. In Weatherfield, the ITV soap stalwart leaves all of his loved ones, with daughter Tracy Barlow (Kate Ford) now owning the owner of the Number One home. Some supporters, however, expect a death is on the horizon now that the pensioner no longer lives in his house. Yet who do they think will meet a tragic end in the weeks to come?

Even after Ken lost the love of his life and the mother of Tracy, Deidre Barlow (Anne Kirkbride), he got attached to his pet dog Eccles. The canine has proven to be a loyal friend in his loneliest days, but having met Claudia, he now has more company than ever before this did not make it any easier for him to say goodbye to his friends when he moved to Still Waters, handing his granddaughter Amy Barlow (Elle Mulvaney) the task of caring for him.

For the pensioner no longer there to keep an eye on the little hound may death be on the cards for the animalistic character who leaves the stalwart heartbroken?
According to Inside Soap, Grandpa is going to be rocked by unprecedented news just a few weeks after transferring to Still Waters.
The trailer for one upcoming episode reads: “There’s a horrible surprise in store for Ken next week when his supposedly tranquil new life is rocked by absolutely horrific news.” It goes on to add: “However, it’s not just Ken who’s knocked for six when a new horror hits his nearest and dearest. But will he and his clan stand together in their pain?”
Some fans have already voiced their thoughts about what this spoiler could mean, and it was the death of a loved one.

In reaction to the teaser being released on the Coronation Street blog page, one viewer wrote: “It’s Eccles!” Another predicts the death of the canine, adding, “It sounds like it could be Eccles.” While the third commented, “Wow, I have a sneaking suspicion that it might be something to do with Eccles, unfortunately.” Are their suspicions right and could be a goodbye to the beloved fans. During Ken’s final scenes on Number One Coronation Street, the soap aired a touching goodbye to the pair as the pensioner reflected on his time at the house. Sitting in his armchair and cradling the puppy, the pensioner said, “You bit me once, do you remember? When we first met, you gave me a little nip.” I still think the best friendships have to be earned. I wanted to prove to you that I was a decent man, and you should believe me.

“I wouldn’t judge you when you ran away from the squirrels or snorted at the foot of the bed,” he added, before asking how he should get his dog into Still Waters. “What you ever needed was my companionship and maybe the occasional piece of bacon. It’s not farewell to the old girl, no, no, no, no.” This is revoir before we meet again, “but could Ken have inadvertently foreshadowed the horrific loss of his partner in this scene? Eccles was first introduced as Deidre’s mother Blanche’s pet dog in 2005, after the war ax pal Lena Thistlewood (Maria Charles) passed away and left the canine to her in her will. Ken’s mother-in-law did the same thing when she died, granting her son-in-law ownership of the puppy, which is the last hurrah for the little guy?


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