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Coronation Street spoilers: Kevin Webster teams up with Gary Windass in Ray revenge plot?

CORONATION STREET viewers saw Gary Windass continue down the dark path after his part in Rana Habeeb's death last year sparked a string of dangerous dealings. Now that Gary continues to make more enemies than friends, could viewers see him taking revenge on creepy Ray Crosby while Kevin Webster is looking for help? Abi recently ended up on Ray Crosby's wrong side (Mark Frost) after she discovered the way he treated his female staff at the Bistro. 

In the heat of the moment, after being rumbled by the hotelier, she decided to torch the evil Ray's car and found herself in trouble with the law.
Abi went quickly to seek an alibi from close friend Sally Metcalfe (Sally Dynevor), who refused to come to her aid because she wasn't willing to get involved in Abi's ordeal.  

Now Kevin, who has many feelings for friend Abi, has decided to try and help her as best he can to ensure that she is not sent to jail. He willingly gave an alibi to his friend and told the police that they were watching television the night in question, to get Abi out of the frame. 

It did not last long, though, as footage of Kevin's van driving that evening, which called into question the validity of his claims.
Are things set to get worse as Kevin feels compelled to sell the garage to Ray in a desperate bid to keep Abi out of trouble-might he seeks help elsewhere?

Kevin revealed to close friend and business partner Tyrone Dobbs (Alan Halsall) tonight that he was selling out the garage they shared. Understandably, the news left Tyrone shocked, as he asked: "What does he want with the garage anyway?"I don't know about it. He probably took it for he can, "Kevin told him. 

Tyrone asked: "Is he going to take the arch too?"As Kevin confirmed, Tyrone snapped:" Oh great, that's the job of Fiz and everything.
Kevin insisted: "No, nothing is changing for the moment. Gary stays there, keeps paying us the rent, only at the beginning of the month it ends in Ray's pocket. '
"I don't need these problems in my life," added Tyrone, as Kevin tried to offer an alternative, saying: "You own 30%, maybe I can give you anything of mine, make it up to 50%?"Once Ray decides to pull the trigger, 50% of the dead business? Excellent! "snapped Tyrone. 

As Kevin continues to seek a solution, can he enlist Weatherfield's latest supervillain, Gary, to help?

Viewers saw Gary engage in a string of dodgy dealings as he recently found himself caught up in the rampage of Derek Milligan (Craig Els) around the cobbles with a shotgun.
The loan shark has tried to gain a hold on his relationship with Maria Connor (Samia Longchambon) since the drama of the festive season, but it would certainly not take much for him to lose his temper again. 

Gary was on the warpath around Weatherfield, as he managed to fall out in one way or another with most of the village.

He could quickly decide to help Kevin contract with evil Ray, as he may feel threatened by Ray's new business involvement.

Will Gary take things into his own hands, and try to make a bid to rid himself of the nasty businessman?

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