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Coronation Street spoilers: Sinkhole disaster confirmed in death stunt story?

In upcoming episodes of Coronation Street, the sinkhole disaster narrative will be revisited ahead of what promises to be a tumultuous few weeks on the cobbles.

The sinkhole plot began last year, in case you forgot.

A big hole emerged in the Platts’ back garden, much to their astonishment, and they have been unable to patch it since.

Jenny (Sally Ann Matthews) will speak with newcomer Leo, who will disclose that he is working on the sinkhole at No. 8 and intends to stay in Weatherfield for a while.

Iain MacLeod, the show’s executive producer, recently teased about what’s to store for the Weatherfield people engaged in this new narrative.

“We don’t have Chekhov’s gun in our stories,” he added, “but we do have Chekhov’s sinkhole.”

‘By announcing, ‘We’re back,’ we were attempting to challenge the preceding 12 months and the limited way in which all soaps were obliged to tell their stories.’ It’ll be big – there’ll be a lot of emotion, a lot of spectacular spectacles – it’ll be cinematic.

‘It’s a statement of purpose that we wanted to create as a show – to do something we couldn’t possibly have made in the previous 18 months due to the pandemic.’

‘The audience expects huge repercussions and conclusions when you present a story of a certain scale and with a certain level of spectacle.

‘So, certainly, Chekhov’s sinkhole will result in a fatality.’

Only one essential issue remains: who will die?

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