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Coronation Street Spoilers: Yasmeen is charged with attempted murder?

CORONATION Street’s Yasmeen Nazir is going to get charged with attempted murder after Geoff’s violence has taken a dramatic turn. The chef-who plays actress Shelley King in the ITV soap-has been coercively regulated by Geoff for more than a year.

Does Geoff die in Coronation Street?

It’s news viewers have been waiting-evil Geoff is going to dance with death in Corrie in the coming weeks as he eventually pushes poor Yasmeen off the edge with his violence.
Sun Online has just stated that Yasmeen will finally find the courage to leave Geoff.
Yet her strategy to escape her abuser is going to backfire horribly as she loses control and actually ends up being charged with attempted murder. Despite Yasmeen’s charge, her efforts to kill him are clearly not going to be successful.
So no, Geoff isn’t going to find his end in Corrie.
Is Yasmeen going to go to prison in Coronation Street?
Sun Online has reported that Yasmeen is going to be locked away for trying to kill Geoff.
Viewers are going to be shocked by her as she struggles to get viewers to accept the abuses she has suffered for months at the hands of Geoff. Fans will have to turn in and find out if Yasmeen’s voice will be heard in time for justice and prevail.
When does Yasmeen leave Geoff in Corrie?

Alya has already smelled something creepy about Geoff’s actions and set out to look into his background. Spoilers also revealed that Alya is going to surprise Yasmeen with a police officer who has some incriminating facts against Geoff in Corrie next week.
Yasmeen rushes out, but Alya begs her to give a ring to the police officer.
If she does, the officer may be the first to start sowing seeds of doubt in Yasmeen’s mind and convince her to leave her husband. But with the exact storyline details kept under wraps, viewers will have to tune in and find out whether Yasmeen has the confidence to leave her husband.

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