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Coronation Street spoilers: Yasmeen Nazir forced to leave cobbles?

CORONATION STREET pensioner Yasmeen Nazir is forced to consider her existence in Weatherfield in the coming scenes when her granddaughter Alya Nazir has made a shocking discovery about her husband, Geoff Metcalfe. Can the businesswoman convince her grandma that she needs to leave for her good? Yasmeen is actually at the center of a harrowing coercive control storyline on Coronation Street, her abusive spouse Geoff (Ian Bartholomew) isolating her from her loved ones. One individual he can't seem to get away from his wife is her granddaughter Alya (Sair Khan), who has become wary of what's really going on behind closed doors.

Upcoming scenes on the ITV show, the businesswoman begins to dig into her step-grandfather's history and is left shocked by what she discovers. Nonetheless, recognizing the importance of separating her grandma from the evil character, will she convince the pensioner to leave Weatherfield and seek help? Alya is relevant to the plot, with the cobbles resident the only character who succeeds in forcing her grandma out of loneliness. However, many of the pensioner's friends have picked up on red flags. Geoff is well aware of this and has worked to ensure that his wife is cut off from her granddaughter, with scenes unfolding this week, asking her to move to Cyprus.
While Yasmeen was distressed by her husband's behavior towards her, she followed his instructions to maintain peace and protected him every time he was questioned.

Yet will she be able to come to his defense when the businesswoman airs his dirty laundry, making her realize how dangerous her other half is? Feeling deeply concerned about the well-being of her mother, Alya asks her friend Toyah Battersby (Georgia Taylor) to take her to the police station to report her findings. Believing that she has a history of abuse and after contacting the police, the businesswoman launches her investigation into Geoff's.
The discovery confirms her worst fears that her step-grandfather was abusive to one of her former partners, and it's not long before she approaches Yasmeen with the details. Until she can, the pensioner informs her granddaughter that she plans to move abroad for her husband after she has successfully convinced her life in Cyprus would be safer for them. Picking up the signs of coercive control and preparing her evidence against Geoff, the businesswoman assures her grandma that she is being abused.

Claiming the pensioner to be separated from all her family and neighbors, Alya tells Yasmeen that she can't stay with her husband.
The youngster is determined to save her loved one from the villain by packing some clothes in a bag. As the truth continues to spill out, Geoff's wife has already been brainwashed to follow his every word and is likely to jump to his side again. Knowing her grandma can't see what's going on with her, is Alya trying to get Yasmeen out of Geoff? Could that include rallying friends of the pensioner, including Cathy Matthews (Melanie Hill), getting her out of the house, and taking her on a day trip?

Out of the perimeters of the cobbles, will the granddaughter wait with a car to take her loved one to the refuge camp? Next week's scenes will be fruitless for now as the wife of the villain decides to stay with him instead of leaving. Nevertheless, the past of Geoff raises her concerns as the finding of Alya continues to play on the pensioner's mind once she is back with her husband. The villain is shocked when his wife reveals the name of his former partner, who claimed that he had abused her. True to form, the dominant character manages to turn the tables and paint the victim of the situation. Once he comes face to face with his wife's granddaughter, the step-grandfather tells her that the move to Cyprus will happen, whether she wants it or not – but will Alya have the last word?

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