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Coronation Street Spoilers:Bethany Platt learns that Daniel Osbourne isn’t ready to move on after Sinead Tinker?

Bethany Platt (Lucy Fallon) loved her date with Daniel Osbourne on Coronation Street — despite all those around her making it clear that the young man is still not ready to move on after losing his wife Sinead Tinker last year— but after a double bill tonight, has she come to realize that her family and friends might have a point? The marriage of Sarah and Adam came during the double bill of the night. With an excess of tension between the bride and her daughter, there was a question mark as to whether or not they would be reconciled before the wedding.
Yet they managed to do that, and everyone had a good day when Sarah and Adam tied the knot in front of their family and friends at what was a very lovely wedding.

However, Beth blamed Bethany of airbrushing Sinead out of all their lives, and Craig warned the young woman that Daniel was a car crash waiting to happen.
Daniel gave his best man's speech at the reception; however, as he mentions from a letter written by Charles Rennie Mackintosh, he could relate to the words, and often, he broke into tears.

As Bethany listened, it became evident that she had begun to believe that there might be some truth in what everyone had said about Daniel not being over Sinead. But once she buried her thoughts and danced with him the night away — as Sarah watched in dismay. Does she know that Daniel isn't ready to move on?

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