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Coronation Street spoilers:Gemma Winters may lose her babies as Bernie’s mother returns.

Over the past few months, viewers of CORONATION STREET have watched as Gemma Winters has struggled with motherhood after quads. But the new mum may suffer a devastating loss as her mental health starts to experience with her mum Bernie Winterset returning.
Bernie Winters (played by Jane Hazlegrove) left the cobbles upon hearing that her son Paul Foreman (Peter Ash) had been abused by her ex Kel Hinchley (Joseph Alessi).

But the favorite in Coronation Street is set to return just in time as the mental health of Gemma Winters (Dolly-Rose Campbell) takes a nose-dive-is she going to do it through for her family?. The ITV soap has given a voice to those who have not experienced a comfortable journey to motherhood, with Gemma doubting her parenting skills at every stage. Gemma will attend a baby senses workshop with the babies in upcoming scenes, but it will quickly become evident that she is out of her depth.  Class leader Vanessa is going to try and make an effort to get to know Gemma, but she knows little about Vanessa and her friend Imogen mocking her behind her back.  Gemma would love the attention, oblivious that the two have no good intentions.

Dolly-Rose Campbell told Digital Spy that after she feels she can trust the mums in the class, the new mum will start suffering from a bout of depression.  Bernie is set to return, though, and might be what Gemma wants in her time of need.  Dolly-Rose explained: " Bernie knows her more than anyone else, and she's going to take someone close to her to understand what she's going through and that this is more than just dealing with the kids, she needs real help to get through this." However, if Gemma can't get hold of her grief before it gets better of her, doesn't she look to losing her babies for good?

She continued: "It's not helping Gemma's feelings of inadequacy to meet these women while she loves spending time with them. But as time goes on, it's going to become clear that there's more to it than that." Gemma has no idea that this might be a medical problem – she doesn't know that at this stage. "Can Gemma let her mom come back from her quick exit? The arsonist mistook Gemma's home as Kel's and the new mom, and the quad lives were put at risk.

Gemma was sleeping, and only when Chesney came home just in time was the family saved  Is it going to take Gemma a while to welcome her mum back into her life because she returns with so much baggage? And can Bernie forgive herself that she has put her daughter and grandkids in such a dangerous position?. In the past few months, viewers have watched in horror as Geoff Metcalfe's (Ian Bartholemew) bullying of Yasmeen Nazir's wife (Shelley King) has become more and more disturbing. 

Earlier in the week, Geoff forced Yasmeen to stay at home and relax after she had hurt her back, and when Geoff came home from working in the restaurant, he called for dinner.  When Yasmeen couldn't tell him anything, he fancied Geoff screamed, "No, I'm going to do it like I'm going to do everything else around this place except look after your precious chickens. Get upstairs. Give me some space, and I'll call you when I'm ready with Yasmeen out of sight the viewers were astounded as Geoff went out to grab Yasmeen's beloved pet chicken, Charlotte Bronte, which he later served for her dinner. But when is the abuse going to end and Yasmeen going to get out alive?

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