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Coronation street star Nathan Graham reveals future of homophobia and racism story for James.

Coronation Street actor Nathan Graham has revealed that his character James Bailey is set to face future issues of racism and homophobia in the future. At the moment, James is in the middle story as he saw him coming out last night to his father Ed–whose initial lukewarm reaction at his son's admission was soured when he threatened James ' boyfriend, Danny). Ed went on to confess to his shocked wife Aggie, that he considered homosexuality' unnatural.' Appearing on Lorraine this morning, the star revealed to Christine that James ' struggles though are far from over.
I feel like we're dealing with two issues,' Nathan said. Racism and Homophobia. For James, he's kind of got to deal with both at the same time. To explain these things is truly important –discrimination is discrimination.' To make the story even more powerful, James's future in football is likely to play a significant role in his fight against discrimination based on both the colour of his skin and sex.

Corrie Director Iain MacLeod indicated earlier last year that this would be the case when audiences saw the story of James pan out. We're pretty keen that James knows who he is, but he has some anxiety about telling his parents,' the producer said. ' And some anxiety about his teammates finding out when we meet the character he's on the cusp of bigger things football wisely, and he's also aware that, given the changes that we've created as a culture, in a lot of areas, on the terraces, homophobia is pretty rampant. He's frightened of the reaction. But it's not because he's afraid his family is going to hate him. It's more about soccer. It's a great time for anyone to sit down with your family.
We wanted to make this a very different story coming out rather than the others we've seen' In an interview, actress Lorna Laidlaw, who plays James ' conflicted mother Aggie, has admitted that the tension in the Bailey family is set to continue. It's going to cause conflict — and so it should really,' she says. And her bottom line is that this is my child's full stop. There are no' ifs,' there are no' buts'—this is our kid. There's no question about his sexuality because they're never going to sit down and talk about Michael's sexuality, they're always going to accept it, so they have to do the same thing for James.'

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