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Coronation Street star Sally Carman reveals Abi’s explosive revenge story

Sally Carman has revealed the first facts of Abi Franklin’s next explosive vengeance tale on Coronation Street.

When viewers last saw Abi, she was on the verge of returning to drugs after Corey Brent was wrongfully exonerated for Seb’s murder despite the fact that he had beaten Abi’s kid to death.

Abi has no intention of allowing her son’s killer escape punishment for his horrible act because the innocent Kelly Neelan has been left in prison while Corey now walks free.

“It’s enormous, and life-changing, and all of those things,” Sally Carman told Digital Spy about Abi’s forthcoming vengeance scheme. But it’s as if she’s being pushed by a force she can’t control. It’s also out of her control since she needs to do what she has to do.

“It’s a farce.” It’s outlandish, and it’s a lot of fun! Tonight I’m on a night shoot with plenty of stunts — it’s been a blast! It’s one of those tales where you simply say, ‘Oh come on, let’s have it!’ as an actor. It’s fantastic.”

Carman says she’s “delighted” to be a part of ITV’s Super Soap Week in October, which will focus on the aftermath of the hate crime trial.

“I couldn’t stop pinching myself while we were performing the stunts in the studio last week! ‘How can I get to do this?’ I was thinking. I’m overjoyed, overjoyed, overjoyed, overjoyed, overjoyed, “she said.

“It’s interesting, things wouldn’t go to the extremes that they do sometimes in real life, but that’s the beauty of being in a soap, you can simply push the boundaries,” she says.

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