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Coronation Street’s Yasmeen tries to walk out on Geoff .

Coronation Street Yasmeen Metcalfe bravely stands up to her violent husband Geoff intense scenes next week. Yasmeen (Shelley King) threatens to leave the country without Geoff after finding evidence that he is not successful at all. As we’ve previously revealed, next week’s episodes will see Geoff (Ian Bartholomew) fake a heart scare in his new effort to manipulate Yasmeen.

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Geoff doesn’t want Yasmeen to catch up with her grandson Zeedan, who’s getting married in Spain. The schemer’s supposed “health scare” is working for him, as Yasmeen declares she’s in no better mood to fly and postpone the trip. Yasmeen’s granddaughter Alya (Sair Khan) smells a rat correctly, knowing that there’s nothing wrong with Geoff. She also believes that he was telling lies about booking a five-star hotel in Spain.

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Alya confronts Geoff about his lies and warns that she has told the police of his recent behaviour. Geoff loses his temper and threatens Alya, but Yasmeen is terrified as she returns home. Standing on the ground, she warns her evil husband to come back and leave Alya alone.

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Earlier in the week, Yasmeen’s suspicions arise, and she hacked Geoff’s laptop to figure out whether he was telling her the truth. Yasmeen looks through Geoff’s emails, finding several texts to the escort agency, and another email that reveals his lies across the hotel. As Geoff reluctantly admits that he’s mistaken, Yasmeen openly announces that she’s going to Zeedan’s wedding without him. When Yasmeen heads out, Geoff blocks her path and insists, menacingly, that she’s not going anywhere. What’s he going to do next?

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