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Coronation Street’s Alan Halsall says he has ‘no regrets’ after Lucy-Jo Hudson dig

Former Coronation Street star Lucy-Jo Hudson said her ex-husband Alan Halsall likely “regretted” her comments about her current partner Lewis Devine over Alan Halsall’s Instagram Coronation Street said he had “no regrets,” making his point with a cryptic Instagram upload yesterday evening.

The post comes days after the 36-year-old ex Lucy-Jo Hudson said the 37-year-old Corrie star is probably “regretted” speaking out against her partner.

Lucy-Jo, whom last month gave birth to a baby boy with boyfriend Lewis Devine, said Alan possibly “regretted” sharing an Instagram story seemingly directed to the couple.

In an interview with OK! Magazine, she said, “I literally just gave birth to Carter when he posted it, so I didn’t see it, and my head was somewhere else. He quickly erased it, so he must have regretted it.” I didn’t bother bringing it up with him.

Lew and I were both too focused on Carter, so it just didn’t get our attention. “The first post came after Lewis praised Alan and Lucy-Jo’s daughter Sienna, saying,” Our Sienna is delighted and is already making the best big sister, just as I knew she was going to do! “Alan’s post, which appeared to refer to the comment, read,” You’re welcome to keep one lying cheating and call it your own! Not my daughter, though.

Having crossed paths for the first set of Coronation Street, where Lucy-Jo played Katy Harris, the former lovebirds tied their knot back in 2009. Their only child together, six-year-old Sienna-Rae Halsall, was born in 2013.

After a brief separation in March 2016, Alan and Lucy-Jo rekindled their romance, only to split for two years. After the break-up, the former flames have been co-parenting daughter Sienna, with Lucy-Jo telling the publication: “

The thing is, anyone who has a mixed family knows it’s not easy. You can’t say it is.” And sometimes Alan and I have different views on raising Sienna so it can be challenging to try to co-parent. It’s probably like that for a lot of mixed families.


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