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Coronation Street’s Dev Alahan gets bad news from the police over Asha

Coronation Street’s Asha and her intimate video storyline take a dark turn as Dev goes to the police to report on her stripping video to Corey’s boyfriend online. Today’s (April 24) episode sees Dev complain to the police about the publishing of the video, though Asha has begged him not to. Dev breaks his promise and heads straight to the police station to report to schoolkids Corey and Kelly after discovering that the footage had found its way onto the internet.

Police warn Dev that record and distributing footage was an immoral act and he is relieved, letting himself hope the culprits – or “filth,” as he calls them – will be punished. The good news, however, is short-lived when the police go on to say that they can’t apprehend anybody at this time, because “it’s not that easy.” Technically, Asha broke the law as much as the others by being involved with the video itself.

Dev argues that it was private and that Corey was recording her “without her knowledge.” The police inform him that because she “chosen” to undress, this complicates matters. He continues to fall apart, insisting that Asha is “just a child,” but reminds the police that so are the other people involved. At this point, he stresses  that his daughter’s “entire life could be destroyed.” They suggest that they will have to question Asha, and then Corey and Kelly before things can be taken any further.

As Dev asks if the police could take the video and the website he’s on, he says the police “do not have that sort of power” and that he’s referred to a charity that may be able to support. Crushed, Dev’s left to ask the police: “So we’re on our own?” Asha ‘s later furious to discover that Dev went back no his word, pledging that he wouldn’t report her ordeal to the police.

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