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Coronation Street’s Gary Windass makes shock confession to Ali Neeson ahead of his exit.

Gary Windass of Coronation Street made a stunning confession to Ali Neeson last night(March 11), ahead of the latter's departure later this week. Following the stress of being admitted in Monday's episode, Ali becomes convinced that with the diazepam contained in his body, Gary (or someone working for him) spiked his drink. He spent the first episode rushing around convincing everyone who would listen that he would not do it on purpose. Sadly, Ryan Connor, Toyah Battersby, and Dr. Gaddas would not all trust him, and the latter immediately suspended him from his employment.

The furious Ali immediately scared Maria by locking her in his car and driving aggressively before letting her out, and she went straight to tell him what had happened. Gary then approached Ali in the street and, in addition to warning the latter to stay away from Maria, he simply confessed spiking his drink (well, he got someone to do that for him).

Gary said it was deserved because Ali slept with Maria, which caused Ali to hit his opponent into the ground. Ali is then arrested, which Gary seemed pretty pleased with. Has he got some plans to wreck Ali's life before his Friday departure, or is he satisfied at last?

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