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Coronation Street’s Jack P. Shepherd ‘nearly split up’ with girlfriend after Love Actually video

The star-who plays David Platt in the ITV soap-amazed viewers last weekend by recreating the dance steps in his house of Hugh Grant’s prime minister.

Nevertheless, he hired girlfriend Hanni to help him shoot the short viral and it was less refined behind the scenes. Speaking about the Sofa Cinema Club on his podcast, Jack said: “I put the Love Actually Hugh Grant dance out on all the socials, it was really funny.” But in the process, I nearly broke up with my mother. It is difficult. As she has to be in it, at the end of the day she is the assistant who sees me doing the dance.

“So, yes, I was a producer so I was losing my mind a little bit over the signals and pacing. I did that well. I was doing that there and I was saying, ‘Yeah, you come in on this bit,’ because I was doing the crab dance [laughs]. This was amusing.”

The 32-year-old David Platt actor put on a suit and grooved around his house by The Pointer Sisters to Hop (For My Love)-much like the inspirational leader of Hugh Grant, who helpfully always called David. He started off with some gentle bum-shaking with his back to the camera, much as in the original, until he let loose all over No.10-or in this case, Jack’s Manchester home.

At the top of a staircase, he raised his hands up in the air, before recreating Hugh’s side shuffle dance between two rooms to perfection. Doing the same moves made popular in the Richard Curtis classic, his assistant, played by girlfriend Hanni Treweek, also ended up interrupting him. Posting the video, Jack referred to his blog, writing: “They just tried to recreate this Hugh Grant dance from love, a movie we discussed on the @sofacinemaclub.

“I’m dedicating this to the NHS who have proven that love truly is everywhere & Boris Johnson, have a fast recovery and get back into No 10. Try to recreate more movie scenes.” His soap co-stars were thrilled, with Helen Flanagan writing: “OMG I Think these two are idols.” Colson Smith told him: “‘Love Really Is All Around'” while Adam Thomas wrote: “Amazing.”

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