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Coronation Street spoilers: Emma Brooker dumps Seb.

There’s sad news for troubled Seb Franklin next week on Coronation Street as his girlfriend Emma leaves him and moves in with Steve McDonald’s dad. The spurned lover discovers that Seb is more interested in Alina than her is and decides to move on when Seb rejects. Corrie’s fans have watched Seb sniff at his ex Alina ever since she returned to the cobbles at the beginning of the year. After Seb discovered that she was in the middle of a human trafficking scandal last year, her relationship ended when she returned to her family in Romania.

Coronation Street:Emma decides to move out when Seb refuses to
Coronation Street: Emma decides to move out when Seb refuses to

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Alina returned to Seb last Christmas only to learn that she had moved on with Emma.
After Alina’s return, Seb has insisted that he’s not interested in Alina, but Emma has become highly suspicious of his true feelings. Her fears will be proven this week when Seb flies in a fury after seeing Alina and David on a date. Seb can’t control himself, so he ends up punching David as he drives Seb away from being angry. Emma’s wasting no time telling Seb that he showed his true colours-chucking him out of the house. In next week’s Coronation Street scenes, Emma is still exhausted from Seb’s trouble in the pub.

Coronation Street:Seb is still protective of his ex Alina
Coronation Street: Seb is still protective of his ex Alina

After spending the night at a friend’s home, Seb returns and tells her that he’s not interested in anyone else. Later, Seb corners Alina in the café and claims she’s going to have to move out. Emma and Seb start to fight, and when Seb refuses to get out, Emma decides she’s going to go instead. Emma’s dejected then takes up Steve’s request to stay with him and Tracy. Is this the end of Seb and Emma, or will he take her back?

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