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Coronavirus: Home and Away star creates an app to fight depression and loneliness

“I was down two years ago, I was down, I had been through a break-up,” Kipa-Williams told Sunrise Weekend.

“In my wallet I had $21 … I didn’t have much job-I thought I wasn’t here anymore.

“I was introduced to a therapist who taught me to appreciate my feelings and taught me to cultivate self-love, kindness, and courage.” Kipa-Williams, having overcome his own war, was eager to help others who were going through the same.

He poured his heart and soul into Sound, a mental health device.

“Feel is a forum for expressing the feelings,” explained Kipa-Williams.

“It works with three main ideals: linking, communicating and helping.

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“It allows you to get in touch with your peers, share your emotions with the ones you love, and support your friends and family while they feel sad or need it the most.” Think of it as Facebook’s reverse. You pick a small group of trustworthy friends and share how you look emotionally every day so they can see in real-time how someone is weakening and reaching out.

During the shutdown of the coronavirus, the COVID-19 impact Medical practitioners have already marked people isolating themselves as an at-risk population and the software came at the right moment.

“Because of the pandemic … we’ve significantly pushed ahead our timetable for launch.

“We’ve built a device called ‘the bubble’ and the bubble helps you to see visually on the app who isolates your friends by themselves and who isolates in a group.

“When you are isolating yourself, over time you may experience mental health problems with depression, anxiety and isolation.

“It gives you the chance to give your mates sufficient support, care and affection.”

Feel can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play.

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