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Couples who fell in love from the Summer Bay cameras

Starting at 6 pm on Channel 5, Home And Away consistently draws in audiences from around the country.
Despite controversies including the unexpected pregnancy of Katarina Chapman and even the fight between Coco Astoni and bulimia, there is never a dull moment in Summer Bay.

And that goes for off-screen too, like Home and Away appears to be the place for a romance with its stars and actors.

Below are some couples of the real-life Home and Away romances from previous years up until now:

Alec Snow and Demi Haram

The characters Matt Page and Sasha Bezmel, famously private about their relationships, set up a link while filming together in 2014 and have kept their relationship secret ever since.

The stars have spoken about working together on-screen but stayed hush since they quit the show.

Together, their last Instagram post was on Alec ‘s page wherein 2017 he wished Demi a happy birthday. He wrote: “To the one who keeps me smiling no matter what … Better Birthday @demharm.

Bridgette Sneddon and Steve Peacocke

When she performed her part on the beach soap, Favourite Home and Away star Daryll Braxton was already with wife Bridgette Sneddon – who portrayed Nate ‘s wife, Sophie Taylor.

The cute couple met at the drama school for the first time and married years later, describing the occurrence as “the best day of his life.”

Sarah Roberts and James Stewart

Character Justin has created a real-life romance with his kidnapper Willow Harris, the actual name of Sarah Roberts, one of the newest passions in Home and Away.

Set to have a romance on-screen too, the couple confirmed they were an item to Herald Sun.

They said: “We are on the screen and off-screen … Hi I’m, I enjoy getting to know one another. And we are one to another very different.

“We want to be great actors and great producers of what we do at the end of the day and we want to go out and live and have adventures.”

Luke Mitchell and Rebecca Breeds

The couple struck up a deep relationship after meeting on Home and Away which has now led them to get married.


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